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  1. Available lifts or ones that will be shortly?

    It was, I got some of the first ones here in Washington. I got rid of them like a year and half ago maybe. It would be terrific if they resolved all the issues.
  2. Available lifts or ones that will be shortly?

    I had the OME BP-51 shocks on my Tacoma for 2 years. When they weren’t leaking and empty of nitrogen the ride was incredible. I had the rears replaced twice and the front coil overs replaced once. I pulled everything out when it was time for the front replacement and sold the whole kit when I...
  3. Gator Green build for Trips & Trails

    That’s what I was thinking. I’ve looked at so many different styles of trailers in the last year or so. Anything the was real off road worthy was just to small or way to expensive. Plus with the interior dimensions big enough to fit a UTV........maybe my wife could get me a turbocharged RZR for...
  4. Gator Green build for Trips & Trails

    Intech Flyer Discover. Intech calls it a toy hauler. Dry weight is around 2800 pounds. I will mostly use it for hauling gear and bicycles with the occasional hauling of a motorcycle or two. I really like the tip out bunks and it’s full aluminum construction. The only downside is it’s very boxy.
  5. Gator Green build for Trips & Trails

    Interesting. I’ve been considering a JLU with the diesel but I don’t think we would fit. 2 kids and 2 big dogs take up a lot of space. The trailer will make up for some of the space but it probably mean it goes on every trip.
  6. Gator Green build for Trips & Trails

    That green looks so good. I’ll be interested in how the trailer goes for you behind the gladiator. I’m looking at a trailer of similar size and weight I got a rental trailer last year and towed it with my current Truck(Tacoma on 35’s) and was not happy with it. Now I’m think Gladiator with...