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  1. Massive Harbor freight jack stands recall

    Congratulations your smarter than me. I bought the jack and two stands but I always take off wheels and place them underneath too I know of people that have been seriously hurt or killed because they put too much trust in a jack and or stand.
  2. Massive Harbor freight jack stands recall Harbor Freight is recalling over 1.7 million Pittsburgh-branded jack stands that can suddenly collapse due to a manufacturing flaw. It warned its customers that they need to stop using the defective stands immediately. The...
  3. Sh*t Gladiator Owners Say (Parody Video)

    Great video not to thread jack but it reminds me of this one
  4. Sport S Max Two - 1,200 and 11,000 miles pictures

    To the OP for this thread. A sincere thank you. I know some do not enjoy so many pictures in one thread however I really enjoy it especially when it is of parts we really do not see unless we are on our backs crawling under this truck. I have saved everyone of your pictures and will start on...
  5. Consumer Reports finds 2020 JL to be one of the most unreliable vehicles

    My two cents for what it’s worth. I have had Japanese cars ever since I started driving over a decade ago. This is my first “American” car. I have seen daily on my various commutes more Jeep wranglers then I can count on the road. I have never ever seen a single one on the back of a tow truck...
  6. 8.4 u connect with nav part # ?

    I got mine from eBay nismopar1 hit him up his name is Robbie he might have another new one.
  7. 8.4 u connect with nav part # ? Hope this helps.
  8. Off Road Pages, Sport S

    Just saw the videos you posted this seems labor intensive not to mention the radio is priced higher. The upgrade from 5” to 8.4” took less than 10 everything was plug and play without having to disassemble so much of the truck. However I wish you luck when you do upgrade please post pictures and...
  9. Gladiator Custom Exhaust

    I live in NJ and wish I could find a competent muffler shop near me I want to make mine as short as possible.
  10. Off Road Pages, Sport S

    Damn it I should have waited I have a sport I bought the 8.4” screen and the oem off-road module from mopar because the tazer did not enable this before.
  11. Aftermarket Tonneau Covers?

    Picked one up too before it sold out seems pretty solid and well constructed.
  12. New Apex 12K Harbor Freight winch Install

    Ladies and gentleman it is back on sale!
  13. Jeep wouldn’t give me a wooden LE Gladius, so...

    Can we get a group order going? I Want to buy one too! How can I contact the person making them?
  14. HYDRO BLUE PEARL Gladiator JT Club

    The Jeep website just changed it for the sport.
  15. HYDRO BLUE PEARL Gladiator JT Club

    Howdy! Previously a long time lurker now a owner of what is my first American branded vehicle and first pickup truck. I’d like to thank Salesman Stephen J. From Westgate Jeep in Raleigh NC he was awesome in every sense of the word! Hydro Blue Pearl with max tow and freedom top. I plan to upgrade...