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  1. Mileage with doors and roof vs naked

    Same. Slightly better stripped down with tube doors on. Less weight maybe. Who knows. 70% surface street / 30% highway.
  2. OK ....What’s HER name ....or HIS

    What’s all that white stuff in all these pictures ??🤪🤪🤔
  3. What did you do TO your Gladiator today?

    Ha. I had to look twice as well ......buttttttt 👍🏻
  4. PSA: Computer Update vs. Tazer Mini

    Yep it is. Unmarry is what they call it. forward to about the 5:30 mark .....
  5. PSA: Computer Update vs. Tazer Mini

    Doesn’t Tazer say to revert the “tune” back to original and remover the Tazer before doing anything. Thought I saw it on a video somewhere saying so. Easy one to miss indeed.
  6. Ghost antenna and SWR tune

    Got it on ghost. Will be looking at others as well. This is video that got me asking the question. Just want to be sure I am doing what needs to be done for equipment sake.
  7. Logic? Meh, who needs it or the shortest distance between 2 points. You chose.

    Story has come to conclusion. Supplier sent them to wrong address (TN not Phoenix .....kind of the same) and all has been cancelled. Last ones they had and are now on back order.
  8. Ghost antenna and SWR tune

    Complete newb at this GMRS radio game And tuning the antenna. Picked up a Midland MXT275. I have the option to run a ghost antenna. Does this antenna need to be tuned as well? Thanks in advance for the assist !
  9. GMRS License

    This ..... but there may be the occasional exception. We are heading to Moab for EJS at end of March. It is my understanding that Red Rocks will require GMRS radios If you are out in trails with them.
  10. GMRS License

    Yep ... I laughed out loud. <ducks and hides from black helicopters hovering over the house>.
  11. Let's See Your Personalized Plates

    All day ....everyday.
  12. OK ....What’s HER name ....or HIS

    Yes! a true 4x4er .... a lot like mine in the first few weeks. 😳😳 i have invested heavily in interior cleaners. The dust here in The Great 48 Has a mind of it’s own. Suggestion to Jeep .... how about a truly watertight interior that you can hose out 😁😁👍🏻
  13. Anyone else have parts on back order?

    Add Rotopax to the ever lengthening list of back order companies. Plan wayyyyyyyy ahead.
  14. Logic? Meh, who needs it or the shortest distance between 2 points. You chose.

    I always enjoy being well travelled, but this is shaping up to be something got fubar’d. Shows delivery is to be tomorrow in TN. Items are currently in Nashville FedEx. Sent a note to shipper seeing what is up. Not sure how they got Tennessee out of Phoenix....
  15. What did you do TO your Gladiator today?

    What are using there? Does it actually work? I’m always concerned coming back from wheeling and covered in sling and dust\dirt that I will wind up with fubar’d paint.
  16. Hardtop removal tools in center console?

    Dealership forgot to give me my packet that had wireless speaker and tool kit. If not in truck, call you dealer.
  17. OK ....What’s HER name ....or HIS

    Yep. We have a winner. Ha! Nothing like 2 completely different ends of the spectrum.
  18. OK ....What’s HER name ....or HIS

    Damn....and here I thought I had an original thought. 😳😳 More like, I just suck at the search function. 👍🏻 Or better 👎🏻
  19. Holes in the box by the back tie downs.

    Move to where it’s warmer and they don’t need to throw salt😁😁😳 Sorry ....the devil made me say it.