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  1. Winter Tires

    Duratracs did well in -1 temps on hard pack snow. Did well in 7” fresh powder. They handled snow on top of ice and did the slush well, too. Will they perform like a true winter only tire? Nope. So far they have been the best “jack-of-all-trades” I’ve ever had. I’ve been a long time fan of BFG...
  2. 37 13.5 17 tires on 17x7.5 wheels

    Respectfully, no, you don’t lose towing capacity. Sure, if you go with a rim with a reduced rating; however, many aluminum wheels have capacities that are likely in excess of the gladiators. For example, an accessory wheel offered by Jeep for the gladiator is rated at 1,900lbs. Black Rhino has...
  3. Real world MPG, what are you getting in your Diesel?

    We may have passed each other. I drove from Dallas to Salida, then on to Glenwood Springs. This was 2/11 - 2/12. Got 22mpg, strong head wind. Came home 2/15 CO to Dallas and only managed 19mpg. Coming home I was around 80~85 mph. 35” tires
  4. 37 13.5 17 tires on 17x7.5 wheels

    That might be too wide. Yeah, it’s only an inch, but I’d drop back to a 37x12.5. As for losing a bead, I’ve always heard you maintain the bead better with the wide tire on narrow rim. A 12.5 on a 10” rim I’ve been told will lose a bead faster/easier than the same on a 9,8, or even 7.5” wide...
  5. Gladiator vs S4...

    I had a 2009 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon. It was totaled and I’ve had a wrx last few years. It was FUN, but not a Jeep. I don’t miss the WRX.
  6. Air down stock Bridgestone Dueler A/Ts?

    You can air down any tire. And should depending on what you’re doing.
  7. What’s your upgrade order of operations

    35” tires first Winch will be second Lift 3rd With a winch. I can go anywhere someone lifted with 37s can go.

    What amber lights are lighting up the snow? Just fogs or also the roof? Remind me the brand? I could have used amber/yellow fogs at a few points when it was actively snowing.

    I kept expecting to have the rear end come around or want to come around. Never felt that way. This was spending the weekend in Colorado skiing, driving back I-70 to Denver and back home to Dallas. No issues in snow, ice, snow on top of ice. A true Billy Goat. I think the weight distribution...
  10. Do all 3.0L EcoDiesel come with the block heater?

    LOL, I was in CO skiing this past weekend and as we drove home, it kept getting colder and colder. I never had a problem starting. I never had a problem with it getting up to operating temps quickly.
  11. 0 Degrees - can’t plug in

    Started off my morning at 20. Hit the remote start and she fired right up. This was with Dallas, TX diesel. Nothing added. I’ll definitely be okay in CO winter blend.
  12. Wide vs Narrow Track Axles

    I’ve read the diesel gets the same (stronger) knuckles as the Mojave. Can anyone confirm?
  13. Rubicon stock rims with 35x12.50R17LT

    Here ya go. Run a 35x12.5 Duratrac on the stock rim. It’s what I’m running.
  14. Shout out to local Discount Tire

    Great analogy! They ARE the Chick-fil-A of tires. Their company values are pretty similar, too.
  15. Shout out to local Discount Tire

    And that is why I’m a “fan boy” for discount tire. They just DO things RIGHT. They aren’t perfect, they broke a wheel stud once. But guess what, they let me know immediately and got it fixed, same day. (no charge of course) They do things right when all is well and then they do things right...
  16. Anyone remove Mojave, Rubicon or Willys hood decals ?

    I wouldn’t remove it. You paid $XX,XXX.XX for those stickers! LOL (Just as I did!)
  17. 40s Regearing

    PS if I could run 35s on stock JKUR gearing with only ~150ho/tq to the ground, The diesel with 300+tq to the ground will be just fine for a few months.
  18. 40s Regearing

    No issues. I would get a tazer or something similar to program the new tire size; otherwise, your transmission shift points will be all off. You’ll need one anyway to program for the different gears.
  19. 40s Regearing

    For a month or TWO!?!? At most six weeks. ;) I don’t see why not. Lol. Congrats on the pending delivery, lift. New shoes, and eventually gears!
  20. Teraflex Front Adjustable Track Bar Installed..question

    Movement in the track bar leads to death wobble. Been there, done that. Even if teraflex is “designed” to be that way, I would not accept a noisy suspension.