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  1. What plug would plug in to this?

    yeah mine should be. I’m thinking with a sales code I should be able to make it work. Just need to figure out what sales code has it.
  2. What plug would plug in to this?

    For anybody wondering you can order these directly from your parts department. I ordered the fog lights and wiring from my dealership here in Ontario and it showed up today. Pretty happy I didn’t have to order it overseas and pay customs, duties and shipping. Gonna see if I figure out if I...
  3. 2021 Gladiator High Altitude Thoughts?

    Funny that people hate these and call it a mall crawler or poser Jeep. Yet I can bet 95% of Jeeps with even bigger tires have probably never been off-road. More people buy Sahara’s and Overlands than any other trim, because they will never take them off-road. What’s wrong with building a trim...
  4. Bagged Gladiator Dually build.

    Yeah he’s done a ton of custom work that he’s doing himself. Which I appreciate it.
  5. Just Ordered? Check in HERE!

    Weird, I ordered my Manual JTR on March 28th as well, but due to the manual stop sale my order was only processed by the factory for April 22nd, we even had my order manually entered in by the factory on March 28th but it didn’t show up in the order system until April. I’m still in D Status...
  6. Bagged Gladiator Dually build.

    I know most people won’t be into this but this guy has talent and is building the first bagged Gladiator that is going to lay frame. He also has a bagged Wrangler with a ton of custom work done to it. While I’m sure it’s not everyone’s cup of tea the amount of work being done by him and his...
  7. Anyone Install Mopar Cold Air Intake Yet?

    Did this make no sound and no horsepower change? I was considering this as I want to add a snorkel and I wanted some addition induction noise. Does this not give any induction noise ?
  8. JT JP20 Jurassic Rubicon

    Last year Bestop sent me their contact to have a custom top done by their supplier that do the Code1 build. Fingers still crossed that someone makes one or FCA does, but I’m sure you know if they will :p lol
  9. JT JP20 Jurassic Rubicon

    Looks good Matt, its Chris ( muddyr50 on insta) Can’t wait to see everything you do to this one. I’m still waiting on mine to be built. And like you I’m waiting on a Premium Tan top. Been bugging @Bestop to make one for us but they don’t seem to want to.
  10. Trail Blazing

    Hey Doug, It’s Chris from Downsview Chrysler. Glad to see you on here. If you are looking for great trails to take your Gladiator off-road check out It’s a $50 a year membership but it gives you access to all the trails in Ontario. There are also a number of clubs around so if...
  11. 38” Milestar Pats in winter

    I guess this is why I’m hesitant on the Pat’s. My old K02s were amazing in winter. But I wanted to go a bit bigger than the 37s on the Gladiator and you can’t get anything bigger that is snowflake rated. I’ve heard good things about the Pat’s but I don’t know anyone who dailys them in winter...
  12. AEV 2” spacer lift vs Mopar 2”

    I’m the same way. I never want to cheap out on suspension or wheels and tires. I loved how my JKUR rode on the AEV 4.5” DS. So I want that quality ride. I was going to do the Mopar but then I saw the AEV and now im interested in this.
  13. AEV 2” spacer lift vs Mopar 2”

    How long have you had it and do you have any complaint with it ? being that I had a very cheap on my JKUR and then replaced it with an AEV DS kit it was night and day difference. i just want to make sure that the AEV kit is worth it, because if not I’ll go Mopar. Unless AEV releases their 2.5”...
  14. AEV 2” spacer lift vs Mopar 2”

    Anybody have any feedback ?
  15. 38” Milestar Pats in winter

    I’ve actually looked at lots of reviews on them but I could never find any real reviews talking about how they perform on ice. I know a lot of people run them, was looking for any real world reviews of people that live in Northern climates that are dallying their rigs on them. TBH I was pretty...
  16. 38” Milestar Pats in winter

    Ah ok thanks, sorry I was looking off my phone and didn’t see your location. Yeah I guess I’m looking for winter driving feedback, as winter is a good 6 months here and Mud tires typically are dangerous on Icy roads.
  17. 38” Milestar Pats in winter

    Any picture of them on your Jeep ? How is the snow/ice performance ?
  18. AEV 2” spacer lift vs Mopar 2”

    I’m the same way, but seeing how I know AEV spends time doing R&D and takes time to get stuff built was wondering if I should just go with the Mopar instead or, run the AEV spacer kit temporarily until AEV has their complete kit out.
  19. 38” Milestar Pats in winter

    Hi Guys, While waiting for my Gladiator Rubcion to be built I am trying to do some research so I can start collecting parts for it. One of my big things is tires. I previously ran 37” K02s on my JKUR and they were amazing in winter. I live in Toronto Canada, and this vehicle will be my...
  20. AEV 2” spacer lift vs Mopar 2”

    Hey guys, While I’m waiting for my Gladiator Rubicon to be built I am trying to decide on which lift kit to get. I initially wanted a 3-3.5” but looking at what is available hasn’t appealed to me. I had a JKUR with A 4.5” AEV DS lift on 37” K02s and loved it. Drove better than stock. Im...