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  1. SuperPacific Switchback X1 Canopy Camper for Gladiators!

    Price increased to almost $10K. Makes my GFC more attractive for sure.
  2. Windshield Defroster fix mod from JL forum

    And this...windshield cracked from defroster heating in the middle only. I installed the plugs afterwards. Have another crack from a rock, so may wait till warmer weather to replace. It was not all that cold that morning and the JT was garaged. When auto starting, I think the heat comes out the...
  3. North Carolina Rubicon Suspension - Available again $275

    Back on the market. Expected sale fell through. Pick up or local meet up. $275
  4. North Carolina Rubicon Suspension - Available again $275

    I will let you know for sure. I plan to be traveling through on 2/5.
  5. North Carolina Rubicon Suspension - Available again $275

    Rubicon take off suspension. Parts included are in the photo. Also have the stock front sway bar that I will include if wanted. 20,000 miles and I'm ashamed to say 99.9% pavement. .1% dirt roads. Pick up only. Will drive an hour from Morganton, North Carolina to meet. Also, will be driving...
  6. North Carolina Mopar Roll Up Tonneau Cover

    I have a used mopar roll up tonneau cover for sale. Cover is black fabric, matches premium soft top material and is in near new condition. All hardware included. I really like the utility of the cover and am only selling because I now have a camper. Pick up only. Will drive an hour from...
  7. sun visor broken, $500 I used the barrel nut fix and here is a link to the product I used:
  8. sun visor broken, $500

    I fixed my driver side with the shaft collar DIY as posted on the JL forum. It is a solid fix and I'd be constantly afraid an OEM replacement would also break. I have enough supplies to replace 3 more. I''m assuming all OEM visors are the same plastic design.
  9. Alu-Cab Canopy Camper

    Interesting about the JCR half rack. I get it that it was designed for the back part of the cab, but unless the width of the cab is tapered, it should fit from side to side. I may measure the cab to see if I want to take a chance. The fact that it fastens to the rain gutters with no drilling is...
  10. Alu-Cab Canopy Camper

    I wonder if the JCR half rack will fit in the front? You have to scroll through the pics to see the short rack. I'm getting a GFC and it is shorter, so this is my current plan. Does anyone know of others?
  11. sun visor broken, $500

    Is that for the driver side, with the garage door controls? I've seen so many different part numbers, I'm not sure. I have some shaft collars coming today for $10, so I think I'm going to try that first. If it works, it should be a more solid fix. Thx
  12. sun visor broken, $500

    My driver side also broke. I tried to order from a few mopar parts dealers and it backordered with no ETA. I guess I will make a DIY repair as listed in the JL forum. With my commute I have sun in my face coming and going, so it is a safety issue for real.
  13. Roof leak in back

    My repair has held. No more leaks. My rear window and seal had to be replaced. It took a month, but was worth it.
  14. Any Prime Day deals worth it?

    $800 something is the regular price and has been so on quadratec for sometime. I purchased while there was a $200 rebate. Expensive, but a great option.
  15. RIGd Ultraswing tire carrier

    I have been looking at this and it seems to be the best option if you want a tire carrier without replacing the bumper. If I were to get an extension fuel tank for the spare tire location (when/if available), this would probably be the way I go. My biggest concern may be the garage fitment. Thx
  16. North Carolina

    I'm not informed about trails near WS or Charlotte, but there are tons of Forest Roads and more challenging options a little more west. Such as in the Pisgah Forest region in Caldwell, Burke, and McDowell counties. Gaia GPS or something similar can show you where.
  17. Rack for hardtop roof?

    I'm considering the JCR half rack, to mount in front of a GFC camper. I'm not sure if it will fit mounted over the front. Also, not familiar with their quality.
  18. North Carolina

    I second Tri-City. Purchased 11/2020.