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  1. Anyone have MasterTop summer top plus wind blocker?

    Curious to see the responses. Having had soft tops on past jeeps, I have to think that back panel will "flutter: constantly while driving. I used to put the defroster on high (no AC) when driving the highway on my '92 wrangler to keep the soft top "inflated". I have the freedom top on my '20...
  2. Re-engineering the brick (keyfob)

    This is awesome! Literally the only thing I find mildly annoying about my Gladiator is the huge key fob.
  3. Were you fortunate enough to grow up in the 80's?

    Graduated H.S. in '86. No regrets, no political correctness either... Saw some great concerts, road in the back of the pickup truck, bought my first car for $75 in '85 (69 Chevy Nova). Spent all day outside in the summer riding bikes, building forts and tree houses, swimming and fishing with my...
  4. Keeping the tires and wheels stock?

    I'm staying stock (Overland 255 70 r18) but would like to eventually move to a more aggressive tread/look in stock size like Nitto. Love the MPG I'm getting on stock and I like the look of the stock rims. I've put 13k on it since June!
  5. Sturms White Max Tow AMC Jeep inspired build thread

    Nice build. You planning a hard tri-fold Mopar tonneau cover or soft cover? My overland came with the hard cover off the lot - - which is awesome for security and keeping it dry, but don't think I could do a chase/roll bar because the cover sits on the lip of the bed.
  6. Windshield Sunshade Instructions LOL

    I think #7 means, if you step on the gas hard enough, it removes itself...
  7. Windshield Defroster fix mod from JL forum

    I did the caps from Amazon as a temporary fix and it does help by forcing more warm air to the problem area which for me is the extreme right and left sides of the windshield. Snow builds up and won't melt. Working on a design with my Wentworth Tech son for him to 3D print on his printer at home.
  8. Door Stuck Open Jeep Won’t Move

    This has happened to me: 1] Make sure seatbelt is latched 2] Place the vehicle in park 3] Close the door 4] Shift back to drive No issues If the above ever didn't work, I would unplug the door wire as you did.
  9. Did you buy your JT because of the bed or for towing???

    Jeep with a bed - definitely. Was tired of putting stuff in the back of my SUV and taking a chance on damaging the interior. Have owned or own Wranglers, Cherokee's and Grand Cherokees and the Gladiator was logical. No regrets.
  10. Nobody waves anymore.

    The previously more "bare bones" Wrangler models/brand has become more accessible with the introduction of new "luxury" features in the past 15 years. If that all of the newcomers to our "brand" help keep the brand alive and supported by Jeep - I'm all for it. I still get better than 75% back...
  11. Finally got my Jeep! Day 2 / 250 miles - Is All this Normal?

    Running stock 255-70-18's on my overland. 11k miles. Average 22 mpg. Drive 42 miles 5 days per week and average 70 on the highway. Happy
  12. Jeep gladiator your first Jeep?

    6th Jeep - first one was a 1989 wrangler - have always had at least one jeep in the garage since.
  13. Dealership advertising on your Jeep.

    First thing I remove every car I buy. Mine were all separate words - so the only thing I left on mine was the small black "JEEP" from "Colonial South Chrysler Ram Jeep and Dodge" : )
  14. I figured out what's wrong with JT Overland...

    I like the stock rims as well - it does look off to me, though i thought it was the narrow profile of the stock Bridgestone Duelers. Makes the whole truck look "taller and thinner". Planning on going with something same size (love my 22-23 mpg) but with a stronger sidewall profile - like the...
  15. Giveaway & Promo: Hothead Headliner and Sound Assassin For JT Gladiator!

    I'm in! Driving on the highway in below freezing temps has me looking at different headliner options.
  16. Hardtop storage

    Stock 2020 Gladiator Overland (18” wheels, stock tires 255/60R18) 48” deep (4”x4” front to 4”x4 rear) Opening is “86” wide 55” from flier to cross bars 4 ea 4x4 @ 61” (corner posts) 4 ea 2x4 = 48” (L & R front to back supports top and bottom) top is inside front to back bottom is...
  17. What's more rare on the road?

    Overland - that’s my ride and I have yet to see another in my area. I drive 50-60 highway miles 5 days/week. Regularly see a Mojave, two sports and a Sport S.
  18. JT - Jeep must haves from Harbor Freight

    Tow straps and tie downs for the JT. Furniture dolleys: Front loader, snow blower, weight box, snowplow and all attachments for my compact diesel tractor are on dolleys so I can roll them around when needed.