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  1. Can we talk JT Normal Tow?

    I’ve been following this thread. And I want to share with you guys how far things have progressed since I bought my first tow vehicle. I still have my sales brochure of the 1997 GMC K2500 With a 5.7L V-8. 255 HP and 330 lb/ft of Torque. 6,000 pounds tow rating with the 3.73 axle ratio, 7,500...
  2. Georgia 2020 Rubicon wheels and tires.

    The logistics would probably get complicated. I would be coming from Knoxville. I was hoping that “near Atlanta” meant “Dalton”.😜 I will have to take a back seat on these. Good luck with the sale.
  3. Georgia 2020 Rubicon wheels and tires.

    Dibs! Where exactly is “near Atlanta”?
  4. Redarc Brake Controller Install Location

    This is a very convenient place to mount the control knob. You just have to remove the trim panel below the steering wheel and the Start/Stop and HVAC panel to gain access. It is a natural reach while driving, and It preserves the 12V DC plug, for future use. WARNING! WARNING! Place the white...
  5. Winter Tires

    I have a set of Bridgestone Dueler AT’s. Takeoffs from an Overland truck. 255/70/18. The full set of wheels and tires cost $600. Absolutely fantastic for “normal” winter driving.
  6. Can we talk JT Normal Tow?

    I pull with the Big Daddy, when we travel any real distance. I’m all about having the right tool for the job!
  7. Windshield Defroster fix mod from JL forum

    I bought and installed these a few days ago. So far, I can’t find the right amount of plugs in the center area to even out the airflow to the edges. Also, I’ve had a few plugs come loose and pop free. I think I might try drilling 1/8” holes in about 20 plugs and cover the whole center section.
  8. Can we talk JT Normal Tow?

    I pulled this #6,000 pound boat with a stock Sport S. No weight distribution hitch or sway bar. I would have no qualms doing this locally, but not for long Interstate hauls. The winds would push it around more than I’m comfortable with.
  9. 12V Outlet/Lighter Removal

    Thanks for the great write up. I was really curious how to relieve the space behind the panel to accommodate the dial.
  10. To Solenoid or Not

    This mount may not be perfect, but it was free! (Ignore the 4 holes on top of the shroud 😎)
  11. Mopar Aux Switch Installation

    Does anyone know the part number for left side cubby hole, that you need when the Aux switches are installed on the right side?
  12. Front coil spring bending after Daystar leveling kit.

    Guys, I’m a little confused. The factory manual says this bowing is “normal for properly installed springs”. Go back and look at the reference in post #27. Spring install excerpt
  13. 12V Outlet/Lighter Removal

    Greg, this is where I want to place my Redarc. I’m glad to listen to any advice on doing this, please?
  14. 3.73 gearing with 37s

    I think I have The cheapest way to get improved look and performance: Buy a takeoff Rubicon suspension off the forum for $400. Buy a set of 1” Daystar spacers For $50. Buy the Kenda Klever R/T 35x10.50r17 for $800. Alternatively, if you want some tire stick out, get the 12.50” version for...
  15. Tennessee (4) Stock Black Mojave Wheels (+ spare + stock lug nuts) for Sale

    My apologies for the dumb questions: But, are these wheels all aluminum? Are all 5 identical? Thanks
  16. Where to buy Rubicon Rock Rails?

    Do me a favor and buy these rock rails, so I can buy his tires!😎 Rock rails
  17. Anybody have tips for making the back seat more comfortable when napping?

    I saw one guy hang a hammock from the passenger A Pillar, diagonally to the Driver C pillar.
  18. Kentucky 2020 Sport wheels and spare

    New takeoff wheels from a 2020 Sport S. Also one black steelie rim. No TPMS OR TIRES. Lexington, KY. $250.
  19. What did you do TO your Gladiator today?

    Did you ever get any pics? I don’t like how it washes out the backup camera either.
  20. Sport S stock wheel upgrade

    Just a thought... Have you considered using a black Plastic-dip on the existing wheels? $10 experiment to see if you really like the look before you drop money on changing them out.