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  1. Does 4WD shifting get easier?

    Mine was really hard going into 4L at first. I would hit some dirt roads on a regular basis just to work it in and out of 4L. It really smoothed out, made a huge difference on mine. LOT less effort, and much better feel.
  2. Mods you regret

    B2 Fabrication exhaust, total waste of time and money, drone was so bad it made me sick and gave me a headache. Tossed it out and installed a Corsa exhaust, love my Corsa.
  3. Windshield Defroster fix mod from JL forum

    I tried some end caps, the ones I had didn't fit flush and looked like crap. They pushed themselves up and we're uneven looking. I found that if I trimmed them shorter they fit and looked better. So I sat in the drivers seat and trimmed a bunch of them, I installed them in front of me just to...
  4. Snow Chain Help

    They work, super easy to install.
  5. Am I crazy?

  6. Losing hats

    Tofino has always produced some nice fish for me, love that area. Beautiful and rugged, abundance of wildlife. Bear proof cooler is a must. The island is majestic, good for you.
  7. Safety Packages?

    I ordered mine, didn't get any safety packages, none, zip, zelch. I've never had any of that stuff before and when checking the boxes I didn't research or investigate, I just passed it by. Who knows, I may have liked it. Having never had any of those extra safety options I surely don't miss...
  8. Lift and/or 37" for Mojave: cons and pros

    Sounds like the stock suspension/tire is perfect for your needs. Maybe some air bags if you occasionally max your payload. Not what you wanted to hear, just my humble opinion.
  9. Goose Gear and the Bluetooth Speaker

    I ordered a set and haven't received them so I can't actually say for sure, I have no actual hands on experience as of yet... BUT, I did email Goose Gear and they said the Bluetooth and the subwoofer are no prob, no interference.
  10. What happens after ordered JT arrives at dealer?

    I'm in WA, bought a Gladiator in Idaho (the other dealer). I drove a rental to Idaho the day after they received it and picked it up. It was that easy, nothing complicated. They said it came in, I said I'll be there tomorrow. 7-8 hr drive.
  11. Misfire fixes?

    Since you haven't received any response I'll throw this out, it's just a shot in the dark. You don't mention any codes, do you have stored codes? What software are you using? If you are using Jscan live data (at least in my experience) with the engine off it shows misfires on several cylinders...
  12. Washington Engine Cover

    Still looking...
  13. Washington Engine Cover

    I just need the cover, I'll PM you.
  14. Washington Engine Cover

    WTB engine cover. PM with price, Thanks
  15. Washington WTB A Couple Lug Nuts

    A big thanks to Matt!
  16. the rear locker on my Gladiator

    My 21 you can do it, and I guess some 20's also, but, you have to do the hokey pokey. It's actually a process of button pushing, there are some long posts about it. Mine works after the hokey pokey, I prefer a cajun rhythm to the hokey pokey, but it is what it is.
  17. Washington WTB A Couple Lug Nuts

    Would like a couple extra lug nuts for my Gladiator tool kit. 1, 2, or 3, IDK. PM me with price. Thanks