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  1. Mods you regret

    Absolutely mate ... these are the justifications that I use to convince the Minister of Finance! :) "Awe babe, I have the tyres now, but the Jeep power sucks now" ... :like: :jk:
  2. Mods you regret

    Correction ... ~AU$30
  3. Mods you regret

    Very true mate!! I am waiting for the Sport S in Aus and will go 37s. Its only ~AU$100 per corner more!
  4. Your Top Few Mods?

    I just skip past the 'want' stage then! Things happen faster Down Under ... :)
  5. Your Top Few Mods?

    What page in the Kamasutra book is that ... :CWL: :blush: :turkey:
  6. Your Top Few Mods?

    Is there a difference between "want" and "need"?
  7. Mods you regret

    About $300 ... :p
  8. Mods you regret

    I made the same mistake ... went to 33s muddies when I should have just gone for 35s ATs
  9. Prospective buyer with some questions

    Ah sorry ... for the install of the sub, when going from 7.0 to 8.4 radios in the JT?
  10. Mods you regret

    Maybe time to put it on ebay ... :D
  11. Prospective buyer with some questions

    Thanks!! Am I correct to think then also all the accompanying wiring etc? Or is this there and ready? :)
  12. Prospective buyer with some questions

    Can one buy the radio after the fact? The Stinger look AWESOME however! :)
  13. Prospective buyer with some questions

    Do you know what would be missed with not having the 8.4 please?
  14. Anyone covert over to a flatbed yet?

    MITS is very good kit and built very well. I would think they are on the heaver side due to their build! @RSI North America Inc also do a flat tray, not sure if they are in North America yet though!
  15. 2021 Mojave Gladiator Hamburger's Supercharged Stage II

    @itsdapk - is that a 'special' carpet in the back? Is it okay to get wet etc? Looks AWESOME!!! Really love the colours!
  16. Sport S Launched in Aus

    Finally we are getting the Sport S Down Under. Looks to be a good spec with only 2 add-on packs. $10,000 less than the Overland. 2021 Jeep Gladiator Sport S price and specs: New entry-level model wears $10,000 lower price tag | CarAdvice Now just to work out the value proposition ... :)
  17. Anyone running a trailer hitch skid plate

    Arent these 'facing' the wrong way? With the 'tongue' facing backwards (towards the front), wouldnt that get caught up? Love the idea though!
  18.'s not a snowmobile

    "I'm not stuck, I'm thinking" :rock:
  19. 2021 Mojave Gladiator Hamburger's Supercharged Stage II

    I still like the idea of Hamburger becoming s SSM (second stage manufacturer)!