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  1. How much snow should be on ground before using 4x4

    Wow, learned something new today. Thank you for sharing!
  2. New Apex 12K Harbor Freight winch Install

    Just picked this baby up for $450 + tax. HF has a 25% off coupon until Sunday 12/6. Will order the rockhard4x4 plate thanks to @highoctane and @PsyRN
  3. Happy Labor day - Weekend project "Skid Plates"

    I just installed mine today and kept the cross bar. I might cut off the short piece that runs from the cross bar towards to rear of the truck So I can get the skid plate mounted up higher, 1/4” or so. I read on the JL forum about someone’s experience with a different skid plate, where he landed...
  4. Airlift Upgrade

    I just installed this today in my driveway. I also added the DayStar 3/4" spacer lift at the same time, both front and rear. I don't see why it wouldn't work with a 2.5" spacer lift. See photo below (air spring is not inflated yet). I ended up plumbing separate lines, running above the frame...
  5. Official Reveal: Jeep Wrangler Rubicon 392 V8 Hemi

    Well, looks like we have some details...
  6. Calling all Chino Hills Gladiators

    Wow, where is that? Anza Borrego?
  7. Calling all Chino Hills Gladiators

    I might have seen you parked in the Albertson's lot on Soquel Canyon. This is about a week or two ago. Off to the side towards smaller businesses. Was that you?
  8. My door and top storage DIY solutions.... cart and hoist.

    That’s awesome. Too bad the JT doesn’t fit in my garage with the RTT.
  9. It's more than a vehicle it's a community! Jeepers unite to recover Jeep stuck on a cliff

    Agreed, but that’s why he was himself tethered to two additional vehicles uphill.
  10. Orange County Jeep Gladiator Group Now Open

    Nice! I actually don’t take the JT out that much as it’s not a daily and it was also at the dealer for 6 weeks (!) for a new front axle... long story at the next meet up ;) I’ll look into the FB group. I posted in the Chino Hills thread, but anyone interested in grabbing some coffee this...
  11. Calling all Chino Hills Gladiators

    Pipeline and Chino Hills Pkwy! We should definitely get a meet up going. Anyone free Saturday morning? Social distancing in the parking lot at The Dirty Penguin coffee shop?
  12. Calling all Chino Hills Gladiators

    Checking in!
  13. Orange County Jeep Gladiator Group Now Open

    Oh nice! Did you show off the JT? And it looks like no meet this weekend like you said.
  14. Orange County Jeep Gladiator Group Now Open

    I don’t think so, this was a JTR and also he said he wasn’t on the forums... yet. Me: “Hey, are you iGlad??!” Him: “Uhhhh...” Me: Should we get a Chino Hills meet going? I know there’s a huge car meet on Saturday at Lowe’s off of Chino Hills Pkwy/Ramona. Get there around 7pm if we want to...
  15. Orange County Jeep Gladiator Group Now Open

    Edit: Nvm, not you. I waited for the owner to come out but he was not “iGlad.” Super friendly and happy to chat though!
  16. Orange County Jeep Gladiator Group Now Open

    Love it! I have the white JTR with the RLD Canopy + iKamper on top. I think I see you at Vapor Empire... LOL!
  17. Orange County Jeep Gladiator Group Now Open

    I’m pretty sure I see you around quite a bit. You’re usually cruising on Chino Hills Pkwy around Peyton/Pipeline, right?
  18. Gladiator Mojave Part Numbers # List

    Thanks. I agree that it’s confusing and crazy that we don’t have confirmation yet! You’d think that Jeep would highlight the thicker axle tubes on their press materials if it were truly the case as seems like a pretty big deal. Hoping Benny can add some clarity. The fronts will be different for...
  19. Gladiator Mojave Part Numbers # List

    Autoweek claims that the Mojave axles are heavier-duty than Rubicon. I think they are wrong, but they actually cite tube thicknesses... Where are they getting their info from?! Perhaps they are comparing to the Sport / Overland axles, not realizing the Max Tow / Rubicon axles are already beefed...
  20. So how many of you use the manual shifter on the automatic?

    I dunn I dunno, I have a great time in my BMW and a Lotus Evora I rented last month. Both have flappy paddles that turn with the steering wheel, as do all Porsches with their excellent PDK. I also keep my hands on 9 & 3 (relative to the wheels) and I don't shift my hands around when I'm...