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  1. FREEDOM EDITION Gladiator JT club

    Looks like pretty much the same package.
  2. Saw my first of the new Broncos today.

    Awesome. TY
  3. Saw my first of the new Broncos today.

    Would you say appearance wise it was the same size as a 4 door wrangler or more like a new 110 Discovery ?
  4. Service DEF system see dealer warning message

    The govt fines for altering the DEF system can be very steep. No one in the US does it commercially for non off-road vehicles.
  5. How to open Fuel filler flap to add an additive??

    They do come with a funnel. Check behind the rear seat as well.
  6. Service DEF system see dealer warning message

    Did some reading and saw the below info, which is helpful. DEF FREEZING AND DEF IN COLD WEATHER 6 by Launa Albrecht access_time August 14, 2016 style DEF Tank Heaters DEF Tote Heater Freeze Protection Tote Heaters The Polar Vortex is sliding down over the country. Have you taken precautions...
  7. Gladiator Sport Freedom Edition Package

    I’m not sure if anyone has gotten one delivered yet. But maybe. Yes it’s a nice deal for sure. Plus you get nice rims and 32” AT tires. Which you can add bigger tires later if desired. Easiest thing to do is to build a JL Freedom on Jeep and you will see the interior, bumpers, wheels, stickers, ect.
  8. What have you been towing with your Eco Diesel

    WXman seems like the DEF light and freezing issues are more prominent in the JT vrs the Ram. Hadn’t read much from those guys unless I’m missing the forum discussion.
  9. Saw my first of the new Broncos today.

    The Bronco has created a dilemma for me. I keep my vehicles for around 20 years and the next vehicle purchase will my last one before the EVs take over. I will use it primarily 50% as an errand runner around town (serious diesel concerns due to short trips), 20% highway travel to remove...
  10. Rear Armrest Sport S?

    The Freedom package is available to order but Jeep hasn’t updated the build and price yet. You can go to Costco Car building site and build it there to get pricing. It will also show invoice pricing. I like the package because it adds steel front and rear bumpers, 7” monitor, LED headlights...
  11. Going to Buy Again In December 2021

    I would look for some Rubicon take offs wheels to add to yours and then sell those wheels. You can find them on FB and craigslist for as low as $800 (try to get all 5). Secondly, on the next go round, I would consider the Freedom Package if you are trying to keep the payment down. The Freedom...
  12. Rear Armrest Sport S?

    You will not have it. You need to order the Freedom package on the Sport S, which does have the armrest and cup holder. The leather is a leather/cloth mix. The order form will list rear arm rest as an option (I bolded it below). I listed what I am ordering below (search Freedom Package as well)...
  13. EcoDiesel Buzzing Sound from Engine After Shutoff

    Checkout the JL forum regarding the same issue. You need to let the vehicle idle a certain amount of time after driving for the turbo to lubricate itself.
  14. Texas Dealership???

    Check out the sponsor mak Haik in Georgetown, he was doing 4% below invoice with no adds last time I checked.
  15. 2021 Bronco

    Broncos will start rolling out in June. Some people will get theirs until first quarter of 2022 depending on options and demand.
  16. 2021 Bronco

    I have a day 2 bronco order. My dealer has told me that he is converting reservations to orders at about a 15% pace as he goes through the list. Reservation holders have until March 19th to convert if they want a shot at a 21, otherwise they can defer to 22 delivery. He expects the Broncos to...
  17. 2021 Bronco

    Bronco Sport at dealerships not the Bronco. The Sport is a Cherokee competitor.