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  1. 35s & 4.56 gears experience

    @Tufelhundin the better gear gives you more leverage over the tires, engine braking and (if manual) engine hold in gear while off is increased. The auto does benefit in manual mode the forced down shift and engine braking is really good w this 8 speed.
  2. 35s & 4.56 gears experience

    @Tufelhundin Nice! Definitely the best setup for 35’s. I think the 8spd has a different philosophy on it than the earlier generations. Being a double overdrive. 8 gear needs to be just a fuel saver. The tranny has such a wide range of gears that it will not lack much power if you push it, sure...
  3. 35s & 4.56 gears experience

    I’m on the fence about 4.56-4.88 seems like I can’t go wrong with either, but maybe post your rpms at 70 in 8th, I know there’s “calculations” but real world is always mixed. Thanks!