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  1. NACHO Gladiator club

    Congratulations! Checked on mine...nothing. Ordered 2/9/21. Order accepted, even have a VIN but that's it. Dealer said there is no issues but I ordered mine with a 6-speed manual. Probably an issue.
  2. Just Ordered? Check in HERE!

    Ordered mine [email protected]:00p.m. Mojave. Have a VIN# within 18hrs. Checked yesterday...nothing. 6-speed manual too. I'm afraid it's 50/50 on getting something done by Jeep on the clutch issue to get our units built. I hope I'm wrong.
  3. STOP Sale on all Manual Jeeps [Update: software flash fix arrives in March]

    Wow, that does really suck! I sat there as i worked through the order, forgot the auxiliary switchs package, looking at my phone showing this forum with the manual transmission recall pulled up...thinking to myself, "I really ought to rethink this or at least wait". Now I'm reading about the...
  4. STOP Sale on all Manual Jeeps [Update: software flash fix arrives in March]

    Damn! This probably means all orders are going to grind to a halt. Including my Gladiator Mojave that I ordered with a 6-speed manual this past Tuedsay!
  5. 35s & 4.56 gears experience

    Great looking Gladiator! Has a nice balanced look to it. What tires and wheels are you using and what size.
  6. Hello from Indiana

    I've used Ziebart before. I'm going to be looking at them again but going to research other products that are available now. Going to be keeping this beast for a looooong time...hopefully.
  7. Hello from Indiana

    I'm from Farmland, IN. About 15-20 minutes east from Muncie, IN. Just ordered my Gladiator Mojave Tuesday of this week.
  8. NACHO Gladiator club

    I saw a JK today in Nacho and the new Nacho looks brighter and better. Looking forwto it even more. Just hope the dealership doesn't muff up the auxiliary switch install...or my dash.
  9. NACHO Gladiator club

    My daughter lives in Albion and works in Avilla. I actually live in Farmland, IN. I ordered my Gladiator Mojave in Nacho from Eastgate CDJR in Indianapolis Tuesday after a meeting. Loaded with everything and 6-speed manual. They left off the auxiliary switches and I tried to get them put on but...
  10. NACHO Gladiator club

    Had to make a run up to Avilla today and swung by O'DANIEL Jeep on the way back. That Mojave is still there along with a Gladiator Rubicon in Nacho.
  11. Just Ordered? Check in HERE!

    At approximately 4:00p.m. est today I ordered my Gladiator Mojave in Nacho!!
  12. 2021 Jeep Gladiator Build & Price is UP

    I saw Gecko over the weekend in Anderson, IN at a Jeep meet.
  13. 2021 Jeep Gladiator Build & Price is UP

    That's what I'm wanting to know. I'm ready to order but I want Gecko green. I'd like to know when it will be available.
  14. MOJAVE Edition Gladiator JT Club

    Read an article by either MotorTrend or Car&Driver where they tested a Mojave Gladiator. They mentioned that a diesel was going to become available for the Mojave later in the 2021 model year. The way it was worded it wasn't if but would be available.
  15. Is 2020 ordering done?

    Hopefully someone will post the complete 2021 order guide.
  16. 2021 Gladiator - Possible eTorque?

    I'm all for the diesel inthe Gladiator and all against the eTorque motor. Plain ole 3.6 liter or diesel or....nothing. Hate to be that negative but just not into anything electrical/hybrid at all. Waiting to see the 2021 info. Hope it comes out soon.
  17. Jeep invites you to the first ever Jeep Brand digital livestream roundtable

    On the fence on ordering a new Jeep Wrangler Rubicon Unlimited diesel. Really want the Gladiator Rubicon with the diesel. When can we place our orders for the Gladiator diesel?