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  1. Anyone Buy From, Just For Jeeps?

    I’ve purchased a few items from JFJ... I’m a fan.
  2. Advertised prices are not the same when you call dealership.

    Getting you on the lot is 75% of the battle dealers face. I know very few people who go to a dealership because it’s a nice way to spend time with the family (add sarcastic grin here). So, the ads get you on the lot... then the fun begins.... shell games, scratch of tickets, % off MSRP...
  3. Mods you regret

    Agreed - I like the Mopar handles as they screw in — no Velcro to get loose or slide around if the handle isn’t tight ’nuff.
  4. Mods you regret

    But can he tie them in a knot or can he tie them in a bow?
  5. Meguiar’s Hybrid Ceramic Wax

    My bottle of Mequires is almost gone... I’ll get turtle wax next. Thanks!
  6. Meguiar’s Hybrid Ceramic Wax

    I may have to check out the TW...
  7. Windshield Defroster fix mod from JL forum

    I think these are the same item:
  8. Meguiar’s Hybrid Ceramic Wax

    Gotta say, I love the “hydrophobic” properties of this stuff! My Jeeps love it too. Easy application and maintenance. Heavy rains this morning had nothing on this stuff! Last application was nearly a month ago! Even works well on the bumper/fenders (also protected with 303) My wife’s...
  9. Phone Solutions

    I was hesitant, but I got this from Amazon - works great! I did find many different models that did NOT seem to support Jeep head units. Jeep does not yet have wireless CarPlay head units so it’s either plug in or do something like this. It takes about 15 seconds to connect to the...
  10. ∞ JEEP BEACH 2021 CHAT ∞

    I’ve been looking into this. Saw some great videos on YouTube.
  11. Recall: Manual Transmission / Clutch Recall for 2020-2021 Jeep Gladiator (Notice: 21V-028)

    Feel free to delete if already posted, but I just got this alert on my GasBuddy app regarding a Overheated Clutch Recall. For those with manual transmission, BOLO! More details here...
  12. Bed Anchor/Tie Downs

    I just got similar tie downs... did you put anythng between them and the bed itself? I’m a little concerned about scratching the paint and potential of rust.
  13. What did you do TO your Gladiator today?

    Mopar Window Air Deflectors Super easy install... I like ‘em! (Before and After)
  14. How do you clean the Gladiator?

    For me, washing cars is like mowing the lawn... a little sweat and you see the results as soon as you’re done. I love it!
  15. Oracle Won't Accept Returned Lights Due to Scuffing

    I hate to say it, but they do look scuffed. I have had nothing but positive experiences with Oracle. I’d ordered some headlight LEDs (the more economical ones) which the site said would fit. They did fit, but barely and I just wasn’t happy with them like that. Not only did I get my credit...
  16. Gladiator demographics POLL! Why did you buy a Gladiator?

    I’ve always wanted a Jeep. I remember being a young boy obsessed with drawing Jeeps rolling over various stuff - hills, mountains, and of course, other vehicles. I used to draw Evil Kenivel jumps too (he was big back in those days). As I grew up, raising kids and such, getting a Jeep never...
  17. GOBI Gladiator JT Club

    A fitting tribute! That’s awesome!
  18. Stock Jeep Support Group

    I’ve made minor cosmetic mods... a little vinyl, changed the antenna, you know - small stuff. I have no plans to lift, level, sway this or that. I may (underline “may”) swap out for black wheels but that’s about it. I love my Gladiator as-is!
  19. You ever have a stranger compliment your Jeep?

    I was doing some ”curbside pickup” at a local restaurant a few weeks ago. When the young lady came out with my order, she said “Wow, that’s a beautiful Jeep!” Of course I thanked her for the nice words. After a few more seconds as I loaded up the bags into the back seat (I’d left the front...