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  1. Very excited about Armorlite full interior, maybe my favorite mod yet.

    Heat may not be an issue where you are but it definitely is in Houston! Front seats are normally ok but it gets warmer in the back seats in the summer. You mentioned cutouts and fit were spot on. Do you think the Armorlite would work over the top of the Sound Assassin sheets. I want to add as...
  2. TrailRax's Gulwing Bed Rack

    Any tonneau cover compatibility?
  3. For those on 35s who have re-geared

    It's a matter of personal preference, but I would think you would want 37" with 4.5" of lift. I have 35's on 2.5" lift and most days I think it is just right but some days I think I need to go to 37's.
  4. 35s & 4.56 gears experience

    I appreciate the write up as I have had the same back and forth. I have a 2020 Granite Crystal Overland but with the auto tranny. I went with a COR 2.5" Overland+ lift and 35's and have noticed the same sluggish feeling you did. I haven't noticed that significant of a drop off in mileage but I...
  5. My 5.7L Hemi Gladiator Conversion

    Thanks for posting. I have been considering doing something similar once I get out of the manufacturers warranty period. I too want to stick with the 5.7L for similar reasons but have been on the fence due to price difference. Exodus 4x4 in Texas sent guys to AMW to learn the process and their...
  6. Shower / Hot Water on-board system

    Like the setup with the shower. Will definitely add when I get to the overlanding stage. It looks like you have a tonneau cover that works with the Rebel rack. What brand/model is that? Thanks
  7. Why is Overland the only model to have 18's?

    This is a better way to put into words what I meant by Max Tow. Maybe it doesn't give you the 7650 lbs, but maximizes the towing capability at the selected trim level
  8. Why is Overland the only model to have 18's?

    I think the perfect platform is in the eye of the purchaser, but I agree with what you are saying. I bought an Overland because it had all the features that I wanted and didn't have the things I wouldn't use. Living in flat Houston area I won't use the sway bar disconnects often, but if I want...
  9. Who has a rolling tonneau cover that they love?

    Are those the Max Modular Tonneau brackets or did you have them made? I've been wondering how those would fit with the X4.
  10. Which Lift Kit to Pick From

    A little late to the conversation here but I'll happily recommend Clayton. I too was happy with the technical service over the phone and the patience they showed with my many questions. I had helped friends with spacer lifts on their Jeeps/trucks in the past but this was my first go at a full...
  11. AVG MPG After Lift Kit/Tires...GO!

    Since you asked...running 2.5" Clayton Offroad Overland Plus kit (and loving it ;)) with 35" tires. I did the tires first and lost about 1 MPG then added the lift and lost another. Overall averaging about 18.5 - 19 MPG doing mostly highway driving at 70 - 75 MPH.
  12. Lets see all those Gladiators with lifts and bigger tires!

    2.5" Clayton Offroad Overland Plus Kit Method 702 17x8.5 Yokohama Geolandar X-AT 35 x 12.5
  13. Anyone noted the MPG difference between stock tires/wheels combo and 35" and 37" combo?

    No...that I refill the tank about as frequently as I did with the BMW. I got about 24-25 mpg on my 2011 328i, but it had a smaller tank. I get 19-20 with the Gladiator but with the larger tank I fill up about once per week...or same as I did with the BMW.
  14. Overall who's pretty pleased with the power output of their Gladiator

    Very pleased. I wanted a Tacoma until I drove it and was disappointed. Was test driving a Z71 Colorado when I saw a Gladiator on the road and knew that is what I wanted so long as it drove well. Went straight from Chevy dealer to Jeep and test drove one and loved it. Brought my better half for...
  15. Texas Mopar Wheel Lock Kit

    $35 + shipping (or Houston,TX pickup)
  16. Texas Overland wheels and tires W/ TPMS

    $600 $400 for set of 4 w/ TPMS Willing to split if there are enough takers Took off around 7k miles. Mostly highway miles and zero off road Houston area
  17. Anyone noted the MPG difference between stock tires/wheels combo and 35" and 37" combo?

    I have about a 35 mile commute with 30 miles of that driving between 70-75 mph. Weekends it starts to dip a little as it is mostly surface streets but I am normally able to go about a week between fill ups. That matched up well enough with the BMW 328i I traded in. Overall I am very happy with...
  18. What did you do TO your Gladiator today?

    It was Saturday but added Method 702s and Geolandar X-AT 35s