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  1. STOP Sale on all Manual Jeeps [Update: software flash fix arrives in March]

    Not surprised for the 2021 model year. I ultimately decided to opt for the used Gladiator automatic instead for couple reasons: I have a torn upper arm ligament and the recall of the Manual transmission. Sadly, my 98 TJ Wrangler Sport will be my last Manual transmission, even though, I'm...
  2. 2020 Jeep Gladiator Pricing: $33,545 (Sport), $40,395 (Overland), $43,545 (Rubicon) + Options Prices

    I wanted to say this. I got my first driver’s license at 18. I was in my first year of Jr College in 1995 and I wanted to get my first car. One of my college friends loved his 1988 Black Jeep Cherokee Pioneer. I looked up for an 80s model year pickup because I had a budget of $2100. So I...
  3. 2020 Jeep Gladiator Pricing: $33,545 (Sport), $40,395 (Overland), $43,545 (Rubicon) + Options Prices

    I’m sold and the Jeep Gladiator I’m looking to purchase is: Base Sport: $33,545 3.6 Pentastar VVTI V6 Aisin 6 speed Manual New Process NPV??? Transfer Case Single control 3 Knob Base Air Conditioning(Thank God) Softop with Full Steel Doors and Manual Roll Up Windows and Manual Door Locks Much...
  4. Swapping what out for JT

    I have nothing to swap for my next JT. My two Jeeps, my 1986 MJ Comanche Custom and my 1998 TJ Wrangler Sport will be happy to have the next JT Gladiator Sport added to the family.
  5. 2020 Jeep Gladiator Specifications Sheet & Feature Availability

    I’m stoked with the Sport version of the Gladiator. There are more standard features than my Comanche Pickup and my TJ Wrangler.
  6. Questions / requests for LA Auto Show reveal?

    Questions regarding the JT Gladiator: 1. Pricing? 2. Options for model lineup for Sport/Overland or Sahara/Rubicon? Will they be at a reasonable price? 3. Will there be a bed extender bar, since it’s a 5 foot bed? Is that optional or standard? 4. Options for Air Condition on model...
  7. 2022 Jeep Pickup???

    I’m glad to know that FCA is very seriously bringing in the Gladiator as promised. Mercedes left a huge scar with Jeep and teased us numerous times with the Pickup. Plus Daimler got rid of most important parts like emission hoses and such for some Jeep models like my 98 TJ. I’m addition, I...
  8. 2022 Jeep Pickup???

    Thanks for clarifying. I’ll resume the slated April 2019 production model JT Gladiator. I’m in a market for a purchase of the 2020 JT model year. As for this so called 2022 Jeep Pickup could be another model. I’m theorizing that it will share a Dodge midsize “Dakota.” Body on frame...
  9. 2022 Jeep Pickup???

    Here’s the video that I watched earlier today. This will explain this so called “2022 Jeep Pickup.”
  10. 2022 Jeep Pickup???

    So what it sounds like that the JT Gladiator, based on the JL Wrangler Platform is resuming to be slated in production by April 2019(next year). Right?
  11. 2022 Jeep Pickup???

    Here's the sourse from Motor Trend.
  12. 2022 Jeep Pickup???

    I just read the article with the 5 year plan by FCA. I’ve gotten the impression that the JT was going to come in the showroom in April 2019, but only to find out that Ram is coming out instead. I also noticed that the Pickup was slated to be in 2022 instead, could this be the JT and likely...