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  1. Does anyone know what the spring rates are on the Rubicon?

    As the title says I’m looking into possibly upgrading the springs on my JTR, particularly in the rear once my build is completed. So if you happen to have access to that info I’d appreciate you passing along the info..
  2. What type of protection if any?

    I see that you’re in Cali. I would be particularly careful about the laws in your state and New York and New Jersey... but as I said the gray man..
  3. What type of protection if any?

    How about 10 feet from a 2 year old coastal grizzly? This was in Katmai NP last summer with absolutely no protection of any sorts... This guy was about 400 pounds according to the guide..
  4. What type of protection if any?

    I think a lot of overlanders carry some form of protection or another (Leaving Trojan out of this conversation!). Many of the people I interact with don’t talk much about it until you get to know them better but many share the same philosophy as I do and refuse to be a victim. As many people in...
  5. Good Site to find Gravel/Dirt Roads

    link doesn’t work...
  6. The Great Divide - Episode One - The Journey Into Colorado

    Great video. Two questions.. 1. What time of year did you go? 2. Could a stock Gladiator Rubicon do Black Bear? I think so but I’m interested in your take. Thanks!
  7. How to get 20mpg+ on 37’s/ECU basics 5/5 up @ 60-70mph with V6 3.6L

    Kurt- If Pulsar gets things sorted out to your satisfaction I’d like to meet up with you and take your truck for a spin if possible as I’m in VA also and travel a bunch..
  8. What oil?

    The chances of that happening with proper OCI’s is slim to none. There are more important things in life to worry about....
  9. Weathertech Mud Flaps

    Just installed the Weather Tech mud flaps on my JTR and am very happy with the results. At less than $100 delivered I can’t complain. I’ve had these on our last two vehicles.
  10. What oil?

    The SN rating refers to gasoline engines. Diesel engines are rated on the C scale. Currently CK-4. I really think that the Jeep Diesel manual has a typo... ‘While we’re talking about the owners manual it states that 5w-40 is REQUIRED but that the MS-12991 certification is RECCOMENDED. There is...
  11. What oil?

    Sorry I missed that... In our diesels (2014 GC and a 2016 F-350) we run Shell Rotella T6. You will not find a better oil out there and it is available everywhere, including Wally World.
  12. What oil?

    They look to be the same but why would you run. 5w-40 oil. That’s way thicker at operating temps than the spec’d oil of 0w-20
  13.'s not a snowmobile

    Or just trade it in for a Rubicon and lock the axles....🤭
  14. Prospective buyer with some questions

    To answer a couple of your questions.. 3. Yes Apple car play works with the 7” screen. I decided not to get the 8.4” screen that my wife has on her GC because I didn’t want to pay to upgrade the nav periodically. 4. Yes a big guy could but it is bulky and hard to handle. I would suggest a lift...
  15. How to get 20mpg+ on 37’s/ECU basics 5/5 up @ 60-70mph with V6 3.6L

    Thank you for the informative videos. ‘Do you happen to have the part numbers for the Mopar high flow air ox and associated hardware?
  16. Key Fob lockboxes that fit our giant fob

    Interested in finding out what you come up with...
  17. Ham radio install

    I ran the power for my Kenwood HAM radio through one of my factory switches. Works great!
  18. Deal on Steel bumper clone

    How long did the install take you?
  19. Did you buy your JT because of the bed or for towing???

    Having a bed to use in off-road situations. I have a F-350 to tow the house if I want to...😎