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  1. Keeping the tires and wheels stock?

    I'm confused. You bought another set of sport S wheels and tires for $300? Why?
  2. How to Protect Against Paint Chips on Door Hinges?

    Like this? I'm just going to touch them up and put 3m clear bra on them
  3. Tire Advice

    I have a Max Tow. I live in Canada have studded winter tires on now.. I need to buy some summer tires. I've been going back and forth on what to do. There's some Rubi Take Offs with Wildpeak ATs on them for a good price and I'll get wheels/tires for basically the same price as tires alone. I...
  4. Need advice - Best "upgraded" tire size on stock Sport S rims?

    I'm still waiting for spring to arrive before I pickup a set of these. Do you know what they measure when mounted? Thanks
  5. Winter Tires

    Nokian LT3 studded. They're amazing.
  6. Its a Jeep thing..

    2000km. Ordering RokBlokz and touch up paint today ugh lol
  7. Ecodiesel Max Tow

    I forgot I started this thread. I thought about this for a long time but I ended up going with a V6 max tow. We tow the trailer 8 trips a year max. Maybe one longer trip. The V6 can do this no problem, it's not a heavy trailer. Diesel gets a guy more torque, better mpg and more range. But it...
  8. To Select-Trac or not?--Found one without it for a steal...

    LSD would be on a Sport S with Max Tow.
  9. New Jeep experience

    Looks great! I'm in Saskatchewan and I feel your pain. I'm going to get some PPF put on next month. The Bushwaker guard looks interesting. What is it for exactly?
  10. What do YOU do to make your Gladiator last forever.

    Probably Paint Protection Film on the front end. The front end is flat...
  11. Is Selec-Trac worth trading in your 2020 Gladiator for a 2021?

    I live in a place with 6 months of snow. It's awesome. Set it and forget it. If I lived somewhere with mild winters...I couldnt see the need really.
  12. New To Towing...Looking For Insight

    I just came accross this. I have a ROV 173RBRV. Haven't towed it with my Gladiator yet. Waiting for spring. I picked up a Max Tow last month. Coming from a 2010 Tacoma. I'm pretty happy to see your report towing it. Do you need tow mirrors or are the stock mirrors ok?
  13. Gladiator Glamour Shots

    Snow in the Canadian Prairies
  14. BillieBars Bed Bars - Are they right for your Gladiator?

    A few Snowy Pics with the FatBike on the BillieBars.
  15. Mountain Bikes - How are you guys carrying them??

    I just finished getting this setup. Billiebars with Rockymounts fork mounts and Billiebars rear wheel trays. The wheel trays were sitting about 1.5" too low to flip open the tonneau so I had some UHMW blocks made to space them up. Pretty happy with how this turned out. Have to mount one more...
  16. Long Range America secondary fuel tank installation!

    This is cool. Thanks for sharing. Out of curiosity how much would the tank and fuel take out of payload capacity?
  17. Weathertech Mud Flaps... anyone liking these?

    I have the Mopar ones. I wanted to see what the weathertechs were like in comparison. Turns out they're shorter than the Mopar and not quite as wide.