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  1. Keeping the tires and wheels stock?

    "Stock" means that the part was in stock, in your garage, when you installed it on your Jeep!
  2. Cancelled my Bronco Reservation Today!

    I had used a JKUR for daily errands and hunting, but the back section was really limited in size. Where to put packs, coolers, etc. And, if I was successful hunting, where to put it? The JT fixed all that while being shorter and narrower than a Ram, my other truck. When the Bronco was...
  3. Keeping the tires and wheels stock?

    I also got a set of spare wheels/tires for 300. However, I wanted more snow and trail capability as well as regular street use. so I traded in both sets of tires at the local Discount Tire towards Falken Wildpeak AT3W in the somewhat larger and heavier 255-80-17. For hunting trips, I wanted to...
  4. Rubicon wheel/tire weight?

    Falken AT3W tire 62.8 lb
  5. Mojave Folks or anyone else that wants to chime in... How fast is too fast?!

    If you drive it like you stole it, you may end up wishing someone would. . .
  6. Anvil

    WX, are you tired of your Ram?
  7. Pictures Wanted - 33’s

    I have 255-80-17 Falkens which are 33.1" spec, same width as the stock Sport S tires. Thus, slightly taller but narrower than Rubi size. They are also 10 lb lighter than Rubi tires while being 18 lb heavier than the stockers. No lift, stock wheels.
  8. Trying to decide between Goodyear Duratrac and Falken AT3/W

    Falkens have the reputation for much stronger sidewalls. In 33", the 255-80 AT3W are about 52 lb vs. 63 for the Rubi size.
  9. Who Has Just The Soft Top????

    there is an old thread on this forum about warranty replacement of the top on earlier JT's due to the front panel vibrating and making noise at speed.
  10. Towing with winch

    The added weight will lower your official tow rating. Jeep enlarged the grille openings for JT towing, so I would not restrict them.
  11. Ideal area to mount aftermarket brake controller- show me yours

    under the steering wheel, easy to reach for manual brake application.
  12. Groundhog Day

    Maybe these will help
  13. OEM or Aftermarket Headlights?!

    I replaced my stock bulbs with $40 Hikari from Amazon, as recommended on another thread.
  14. Rubi Rock Rails Effectiveness

    My thinking went like this: you have to choose frame mounted or body mounted, with or without mounts to the body mount areas. From the frame to the outside gives a lot of leverage on a frame that is pretty thin and relies on its boxed shape, not material thickness, for strength. I decided on...
  15. What do YOU do to make your Gladiator last forever.

    I just don't drive mine like I stole it.
  16. Iowa WTB (1) single Sport S stock 17" wheel

    my daughter told me. Have a safe trip.
  17. What is a fair price to sell the stock tires and rims for?

    I think in many cases, the buyer has a Sport S and prefers the look of the Rubi wheel. and the convenience of tpms already in them. Otherwise, Discount Tire will sell you a set of new tires with warranty for a price in the same range as I have seen Rubi sets offered for.
  18. ReGearing soon, question about the break in period for new gears.

    I recommend 50 miles of gentle driving, accel and decel, on each set of gears, with the best quality lube to help prevent scuffing. Then change both lubes, again using quality stuff. I like Mobil 1 syn and Lubrication Engineers 1605.
  19. Suspension: Sport S vs. Mojave?

    Adding to the above, the Mojave has a more extensively welded frame,, and importantly, the iron knuckles instead of aluminum. Since I own my JT, I don't go at a "good clip" on bad surfaces. I wouldn't with a Mojave either. Let the advertisement drivers do that--they don't have to fix the Jeep...
  20. Born on date?

    the silver sticker in the door jamb has date of build at top left; in the bottom right corner is the month/day/hour