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  1. What axles come on a JL Sport?

    She always drives the new car because I work all over the US and don't need to worry about her car breaking down. I'm hoping the refusal to put 35s on a 3.45 JL will steer her back to the JT camp. It's a waiting game at this point. Since I won't be driving the new Jeep, I can wait until she...
  2. I think my dog has a snowcain problem

    It came back to me, but it's 54 degrees and almost melted now.
  3. Anyone regularly transport a bbq grill?

    Why not modify the grill to fit a 2" receiver on the back of your truck. Get someone to help you lift it into the receiver, install the pin, and reverse it when you get where you are going.
  4. What axles come on a JL Sport?

    Yes. The only way to get 4.10 gears in a JL is to get a Rubicon. The standard JL gears are 3.45 with D35 and D30 axles. I'm trying like crazy to avoid that.
  5. What axles come on a JL Sport?

    I'm sorry. I typed manual when I meant to type auto, but there is a possibility she will want the manual. I'm good either way.
  6. What axles come on a JL Sport?

    The Wrangler has 3.45 gears. To run 35s, I'd need to regear on a new Jeep. Would that interfere with the warranty? If I get the JLR, I'm looking at a sticker of $55k with what my wife wants on it. (hard top, manual transmission, heated leather seats, 8.4" display) I can get all of that...
  7. Weather Report! Show me your exterior temp gauge?!

    I thought Priuses would be FWD.??
  8. What axles come on a JL Sport?

    I'm trying to avoid getting the $$$ Rubicon because my it will be my wife's daily driver/mall crawler for several years before I get it. I just want the D44 axles of the max tow and I can upgrade in a few years much easier with D44 axles. I haven't negotiated for the actual price of either.
  9. What axles come on a JL Sport?

    My wife has now said that she wants a JL instead of the JT. She wants a lift and 35s. With Max Tow on a JT, I can get D44 axles and 4.10 gearing with the options I want for a sticker price of $46k. The gearing on a JL is 3.45 and I'm not sure what axles they come with. To get the JLR, we're...
  10. Dark blue side decals

    Granite is a good canvas for any color except maybe browns. Id stay away from dark colors except maybe black. Black is universal. Black grill, side vent area, and tail gate would look nice.
  11. Cost conscious Wheels

    I'm all for budget options, especially if they check all your boxes. I worry about rust, but those may be aluminum alloy and they get great reviews. Personally, im not a fan of gold, but its not my Jeep.
  12. Backup camera when the tailgate is down?

    There is a second camera. The screen is at the top center of your windshield and you can manually adjust the aim.
  13. Presidents Day Sale!!!

    Groceries in preparation for the ice storm.
  14. SARGE GREEN Gladiator club

    Do you think he will get his screen name changed to "First Sergeant"?
  15. Nobody waves anymore.

    Move to rural Texas. Everybody waves at everybody. 2 fingers up over the steering wheel is the custom.
  16. Will Rubicon Leather seat covers fit my cloth Overland seats?

    My buddy got katzkin leather in his Ram 1500 diesel for under $1300. His Punkin Gladiator has the factory leather. I see Katzkin in my future. My kids are adults and can drive their own car if they want a cup holder next to them. I'll keep that $500 savings.
  17. Katzkin - Color for Gobi? (Thread title edited)

    I want green stitching because the green exterior will be visible around the doors on the inside, but its for my wife and she likes bone colored stitching
  18. Katzkin - Color for Gobi? (Thread title edited)

    Here where I am leaning right now. I'm also considering doing a matching ceiling by painting the ceiling black and making insulated panels wrapped in a mahogany colored burlap that install like Hotheadz.
  19. Katzkin - Color for Gobi? (Thread title edited)

    Playing with it more. I think I like the OP's mahogany even better. I was going for a saddle or baseball glove leather color and mahogany works for me. Black base color Mahogany accent and wings color Bone (or body color) stitching
  20. Katzkin - Color for Gobi? (Thread title edited)

    You don't have to match the exterior. You just have to not clash with it. This is what I'm looking at for a Sarge Green. It would go well with Gobi or Gator. Black is primary color. The secondary color and wings are in Walnut. The stitching is bone. If you really want to match, match the...