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  1. Shake Jeep for sway bar disconnect

    I always have to drive slowly for about 30 or 40 feet to get disconnected, does not make any difference if hard top or dirt. Having to get out and bounce on your bumper is ridiculous
  2. Cargo storage

    That is more information than when I called a couple of months ago. I wanted to wait if they planned on a system for our trail rails. I did look at the Toyota's but due to length of rails the Pelican system would not work for Jeep from what I could see
  3. Dog Harness

    I tie a leash to the back seat tethers for child car seat and just leave it when not in use
  4. Cargo storage

    I know a few members have gone the route of tool boxes or custom built storage boxes for the back of their Gladiator. I was a real fan of the Pelican cargo cases that were shown over a year ago in Vegas. Since then they have released their cargo cases with the mounting systems for tacos, Ford's...
  5. To keep my injectors clean I use ...

    I have used that in the past also, just wanted something that would also act as an upper cylinder lubricant
  6. To keep my injectors clean I use ...

    I use only top tier, but also run Amsoil fuel treatment every 8000 miles
  7. ABS Issues after Mopar Lift

    I would check the abs connector at each wheel for a bent pin or not fully connected.
  8. Anyone running a trailer hitch skid plate

    This is what I run, works great as a step and skid. Not cheap but works great
  9. Aux switches?

    Even if you don't off road, you may want to rethink no accessory lights if you plan on camping or driving in bad weather
  10. What did you do TO your Gladiator today?

    Did you have to modify or drill Jeep?
  11. Possible to install a Mopar grille guard on OEM factory plastic bumper?

    I wouldn't say you can't, but it would not be easy without a lot of modification
  12. What do YOU do to make your Gladiator last forever.

    If your doing your own maintenance and trying to keep resale value up, you need to go into your Mopar portal and record your maintenance there. That is where any dealership that is considering trade in value is going to look
  13. Basic mods and warranty

    Any mods that you perform will have to be warrantied by the manufacturer of such mod, and any related parts that fail ( such as ball joint, axle failure due to oversized tires, etc. is on you,)
  14. Low fluids off the lot and trusted websites for steering fluid

    I found all my fluids low including differentials and transfer case. When I went to dealer to purchase the power steering fluid, I found out that Mopar has 4 different electric steering fluids and needed the VIN to look up correct fluid., Also note coolant needs OAT coolant or distilled water
  15. What do YOU do to make your Gladiator last forever.

    I agree, enjoy what you have and just keep up on the maintenance and paint protection. I had my Porsche for 18 years only using for shows and weekend drives, then the engine blew. Found out a rebuilt engine was going to cost more than the car was worth, and almost what I had paid for it 8 years...
  16. Best Deals at Dealerships here in Socal

    I can recommend Curt at San Diego Jeep. He is the fleet manager I ordered mine through. Got exactly what I wanted and no extra mark ups. I did have to wait until it was built and shipped but received daily updates from Curt once we had the VIN.
  17. So, how much do you really scrape the belly while off road? Lifted.

    Getting ready to install my set that I received for Christmas, and was trying to find the torque specifications for the control arm bolt when installing? The only thing I found was 180 foot lbs, but that seems high, any help, thanks
  18. Very curious about the typical forum member - why all the modifications?

    That may have been true in the 50's but personalation is common in today's car/truck groups.
  19. What did you do TO your Gladiator today?

    I installed my rock hard front control arm skids today, holding off on my Rusty's till the paint cures. I installed the driver side first, no problems. Then wet to the drivers side, first had to remove the fad skid to get a socket on the nut, then fought with that, really tight. Then like you...