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  1. Rear Seat Dog Protection (Non-Hammock)

    Nice! I think my pup would intentionally try to push it off the seat though haha
  2. Stock JT Willys Off Road Capabilities Advice

    Looks like they are coming to Detroit in October! Will definitely consider this thanks!!
  3. Stock JT Willys Off Road Capabilities Advice

    Over the last few weeks I have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know my new Willys Gladiator! As I sit inside dreaming about all my off-roading adventures, waiting for a good snow storm to play in and googling the different trails I want to go try out, I find myself unsure about what I will and...
  4. Heater/defroster temperature control is TERRIBLE...anyone else have the same issue?

    @Overland711, Do you have the cold weather package? I do and I have the exact same issue and so does my wives Cherokee. My buddy who works in HVAC at another OEM (not Jeep) told me that when they put in heated seats the HVAC systems are downgraded as a cost savings. I've been wondering if this...
  5. Rear Seat Dog Protection (Non-Hammock)

    Hi All! Just added in my new rear seat cover along with cargo net barrier and thought I would share! I didn't want to use the seat hammocks a lot of people use because I wanted to leave the cover in-place if someone was going in the back with the dog :LOL:. I thought this cover worked out...
  6. Finally got my Jeep! Day 2 / 250 miles - Is All this Normal?

    Hey Kate, Since driving a bit more I have gotten used to the steering somewhat am have come to believe that day was more windy than I originally though. However it's still not as consistent as I'd like. I'm also still seeing some pretty poor mileage (12.2 mpg avg.) But the could be a mixture of...
  7. Finally got my Jeep! Day 2 / 250 miles - Is All this Normal?

    Thanks for all the replys! Tire pressures right at 35 so that seems okay. Filling her up for the first time now so I'll definitely do the pain calculation next time on the miles. Glad to hear that gas mileage improves with the break-in. Definitely should get a little better with summer as well.
  8. Finally got my Jeep! Day 2 / 250 miles - Is All this Normal?

    Hi All!! I picked up my new JT on Saturday morning and overall I love it! The Sting-Gray color with the black trim of the Willys package is badass. Already kicked in the 4WD for some heavy snow. Heated seats and steering wheel are wonderful. And all the tech on board is everything I wanted. But...
  9. What do YOU do to make your Gladiator last forever.

    Will definitely look into this!
  10. What do YOU do to make your Gladiator last forever.

    I'll be picking up my custom Willy's tomorrow as my first jeep. I'm doing an 84 month loans and I plan on having this thing a LONG time. Other than keeping up on regular maintenance and keeping it in the garage, what do you do to keep it going and looking like new?
  11. Delivery Expected Next Week! What's your favorite <$100 accessory/mod!!!

    Did a custom build (first every jeep!) and expect to pick it up next week. What is your favorite cheap mood or accessory!? So far I like the look of this guy!!!
  12. Just Ordered? Check in HERE!

    Ordered on the 29th!! - 2021 Stinggray Willys Buildsheet attached, Working on adding Selec-Trac!