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  1. STING GRAY Gladiator JT Club

    He's not wrong and if you do your own maintenance then that's a great way to go. There's some down sides such as scratch resistance is better on a true coating as its harder but ultimately your not going to get a coating to last three years without a lot of work. If your maintaining your own...
  2. Real world MPG, what are you getting in your Diesel?

    I am at about 1000 miles so far. Filled up three times and hand calculated each time. The gauge in the truck seems to read high by between .8mpg and 1.3mpg. So I just take about 1mpg off what its actively telling me. -These are approximates but seems just driving around town I’m right at about...
  3. STING GRAY Gladiator JT Club

    You should try P&S beadmaker. Similar product with significantly better results.
  4. JT owners post your MPG

    Just got through my first tank on my diesel and hand calculated at 24.7mpg. On board meter showed 25.1 so its off a bit but not horrible. That tank had a lot of freeway driving in it and so far on this tank I am sitting at 23mpg on the gauges and its been primarily around town driving. This is...
  5. Diesel exhaust upgrade?

    False. They already do for the ram so there's no reason why they wont for the jeeps.
  6. Diesel on the bucket list, did I miss the boat?

    There will never be a scenario where I race my diesel truck against a mini van so I am not concerned about zero to sixty. I will however put larger tires on it, load it up with gear and pull massive grades at high elevations and I will enjoy having more torque than a moped. Additionally the only...
  7. New truck and first mod... Seat covers.

    Whatever their light gray and dark gray suede colors are. And I don’t think they are breathable. Scroll through their options cause they might have something that is.
  8. New truck and first mod... Seat covers.

    Ordered my truck in November and ended up impulse buying some seat covers while I waited. Glad I did, pretty fond of them already.
  9. What do YOU do to make your Gladiator last forever.

    Ceramic coat the paint, keep a something on the black with a uv protectant, don't go through a machine wash, don't drive in salt, stay up on maintenance, park in a garage, don't do "jeep things".
  10. Willy's with Diesel or Rubicon with Pentastar

    Its easier to do lockers than it is a motor swap. The minivan motor is extremely underwhelming imo.
  11. GDE is back and making EPA compliant tune!

    Every diesel tuner has been squeezing better fuel economy out of diesels for a couple decades. This isn't something new or isolated to this motor. Tuners don't work under the same parameters as manufactures do so it allows them some leniency to alter things. My 8900lbs Ram got 23+mpg tuned, my...
  12. Diesel exhaust upgrade?

    No and no. There's been people who cut off the muffle and there is no difference in sound. Considering everything before the muffler can't be removed without deleting the emissions system, there is no way currently to put a full exhaust on it. Yet.
  13. Who is actually buying used?

    Same, I'm up in Sonoma County. Seen that atrocity on our CL the last week and threw up in my mouth a little.
  14. Who is actually buying used?

    I would be totally fine with 10k over 3 years. That's significantly lower than average. But we are hardly in average times.
  15. Who is actually buying used?

    Around the start of covid and all the way up to a couple months ago there was journalists talking about the gladiator experiencing poor resale. I typically buy used but after following the market for a few months prior to ordering my truck I don't see how anyone could justify buying a gladiator...

    Sounds similar to the studies on Vitamin D, Magnesium, iron, Quercetin etc and those don't make me feel like garbage and have unknown side effects.
  17. After much consideration... Traded my Max Tow for Eco Diesel

    Smart choice... Other than color. 182ft lbs of tq is not insignificant. Especially when its all available at 1400rpm vs 4400rpm. Add in better fuel mileage, a longer warranty, sounds better and baring some unforeseen issues, better resale. Especially when Obama fuel prices start taking affect.
  18. STING GRAY Gladiator JT Club

    I like my vehicles gray.
  19. Eco diesel or max tow

    If you think you could be happy with the 3.6 go for it. I know that if it was the only motor option available that I wouldn't have ever even considered buying a JT. I am sure the safety nazi's will lose their stuff but I wouldn't hesitate to overload the diesel some if done properly. Id take a...
  20. Took Delivery of Your JT? Sign in Here!

    Picked up my new toy today. Ecodiesel rubicon ordered 11/27. Drove home through the city in some traffic, hit about 6-8 offramps to vary speeds, one stop for lunch and the fuel mileage so far is pretty dang good. Speeds over about 65 really tank mileage though, damn aerodynamics.