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  1. So, what is everybody towing?

    Thanks. My wife did the design. I think she did a really good job. It looks even better irl.
  2. “Dealing with Rokbloks when you pay and their product never shows up.”

    That sucks. Probably just a side hustle business, but still sucks. It will remain a side hustle with that kind of customer service. Customer service in the Jeep parts biz is generally outstanding these days. I have had excellent service from Northridge 4x4, Quadratec (other than delayed parts...
  3. So, what is everybody towing?

    Got the wrap done on the camper. Not the best pictures but you get the idea. Had an aluminum cover fabbed for the a/c intake to replace the crappy canvas one. That way we could wrap it. The window on the right has a transparent moon graphic in it. When the bathroom light is on at night it...
  4. Who is going to Easter Jeep Safari?

    We have most of your trails on our list as well. Hells Revenge, Fins N Things, Metal Masher, Poison Spyder, and Elephant Hill. We are there before EJS starts and will try to hit the more popular ones ahead of time. We will have a JKU with us as well. It won't be doing any of the harder trails...
  5. Who is going to Easter Jeep Safari?

    Florida sun will do that. LOL It had a pretty fresh wax at the time also.
  6. What do u have coming in the mail?

    67 Designs mounting bar with phone and GoPro mounts. Had to wait patiently until 6:00 PM CST for the inventory to update and show in stock again.
  7. Who is going to Easter Jeep Safari?

    Cool! Doesn't look like we are on any of the same trail rides. This is our rig. Say hi if you happen to see us. We'll have a modified Rebel Off Road rack on as well with red Jerry cans on it.
  8. Who is going to Easter Jeep Safari?

    Do you know how much will be going on other than trail runs? I know the vendors have been cancelled. Sounds like Jeep will still be showing some things off. We hadn't actually planned on attending EJS. I booked a spot in a campground we wanted when we could get it and just happened to overlap...
  9. Who is going to Easter Jeep Safari?

    That is very cool.
  10. Who is going to Easter Jeep Safari?

    Something to do with solar....?
  11. JT Rubicon takeoffs on JL Sport?

    I should mention that I have a MC Gamechanger with a new driveshaft so I have a lot of takeoffs.
  12. JT Rubicon takeoffs on JL Sport?

    How much of my JT Rubicon suspension takeoffs will carry over to a JL Sport?
  13. Gator Green build for Trips & Trails

    That's a good option also. I considered it as well. Either way will look great.
  14. Will poke

    This is a great site to visualize the changes.
  15. 40" tires... Talk me out of it

    Yes. 40s on Dana 44s are pushing it for off roading. 37s or 38s are usually considered the biggest you want to go on 44s without beefing up your axles or replacing them if you take it wheeling. I've opted for 37s with beefed up axles (amongst other things like gears, etc).
  16. Who is going to Easter Jeep Safari?

    The trail rides are open. No vendor displays.
  17. Who is going to Easter Jeep Safari?

    We've signed up for Cliffhanger, Steel Bender, and Pritchett Canyon. Will be doing some other trails on our own. Who else is going?
  18. Gator Green build for Trips & Trails

    Updated mods. Pictures will be coming soon. Metalcloak 3.5" Gamechanger w/Rocksports Metalcloak front driveshaft Metalcloak hinge steps Metalcloak rockers and flip steps Icon 1 3/8" rear coil spacers Artec truss/gusset and lca skids Artec full aluminum skid plates Artec Differential covers Dana...
  19. Gator Green build for Trips & Trails

    Good looking Jeep!
  20. Towing modifications??

    Oh yeah, forgot to mention the tow mirrors and Mopar brake controller.