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  1. Autotrader WTF Sightings

    He's got jeep beach stickers lol
  2. Soft Top For Sale

    Probably way to late but did this ever get sold?
  3. FINALLY Automatic UP/DOWN ALL windows!

    Damn I should have watched the video the OP put up! I have ordered mine lol because this is as awesome as I originally thought!
  4. FINALLY Automatic UP/DOWN ALL windows!

    This is pretty cool, but I was hoping to have the functionality right on the window buttons in the center console. I have seen there is a mod for that and I don't think it's cheap. But this is a great alternative. My Acuras always did the up/down from key fob and living in FL I used the feature...
  5. Auxiliary LED Reverse Lights (Integrated Rear Bumper)

    Yes but it doesn’t look nearly as cool or factory!
  6. Write up for adding Euro spec rear fogs

    If you do check it out the light specs (size/power) please let me know! Personally I'm glad they went half light/half reflector, it leaves some hope I can do both, even if I have to try and mod it somehow. I forgot we can text tazer, I'll do that now in addition to the email and see if I get a...
  7. Auxiliary LED Reverse Lights (Integrated Rear Bumper)

    @ORACLElights thanks for the update! Question for you on the reflector portion of the design. Has there been any thought/discussion on putting red lights behind where the reflectors go with separate wiring/plugs? I'm just thinking, It would be great to have working reflectors/red lights that can...
  8. Write up for adding Euro spec rear fogs

    Man this is great! I just sent the Zautomotive group (makers of Tazer) an email asking if/when they will add the euro spec rear fog programming to their unit. Hate that the Jscan has it and my Tazer doesn't! I'm following the Oracle thread too that is going to have a rear reflector/rear light...
  9. 2021 Mojave Gladiator Hamburger's Supercharged Stage II

    Whatever happened with the Jeep/Mopar buy in to get this thing sanctioned and approved by them? I’m assuming the answer was no?
  10. Auxiliary LED Reverse Lights (Integrated Rear Bumper)

    Did someone say interchangeable lens like the new KC Flex Era 3?? That would be cool!
  11. Auxiliary LED Reverse Lights (Integrated Rear Bumper)

    Glad you went with a light/reflector combo! I want in on the group buy for these, any updates yet on group buy and/or if you think a March shipment target is still on track? I would hope these have diffused light lens and preferably are plug in play also. Personally I have no idea why someone...
  12. BillieBars Bed Bars - Are they right for your Gladiator?

    @BillieBars I saw that you have asked twice for pictures of the inside where the trifold latches on... have you received pics yet? If not I can shoot those to you. What exactly are you looking for pictures of?
  13. Bed Lights

    I’m aware how proximity locks work and have them, thanks lol. Not what I’m saying. What I’m saying is why isn’t there one of those on the tailgate handle like other trucks. Why do I have to walk up to one of the front doors and then walk back to the tailgate?
  14. Bed Lights

    While FCA is at it back there, how about a proximity keyless entry tailgate handle??? I'm sorry FCA but it irks me that I have to pull my damn key out and unlock the truck before pulling on the tailgate handle.
  15. Bed Lights

    To the OP and others confused... There is no switch and there is not supposed to be a switch. The Ram 1500 has the same lights as us but with the switch and I'd bet jeep either decided against the switch or never intended to use it. Somewhere along the lines in the "repurposing" of components...
  16. Re-engineering the brick (keyfob)

    Count me in for one! PM coming your direction....
  17. Mopar Warranty - Comparison (Component Breakdown)

    Hood question, I should have thought to ask that as well.
  18. Mopar Warranty - Comparison (Component Breakdown)

    Did anyone that picked up the max care warranty negotiate the cost of it at all or was the price on their sheet a lock?
  19. Re-engineering the brick (keyfob)

    Frankly it’s probably better if it doesn’t have either of those icons. It looks cool BUT I know Jeep protects the shit out of their icons and I would bet that someone at Jeep HQ scours these forums and there would be a cease and desist notice going out. They are notorious for that. I tried to...