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  1. California Mopar Steel Bumper End Caps

    Are these still available?
  2. Lowest Profile Rack for RSI Evo Cap

    Gladiators and 60s are a good combination!
  3. RSi SmartCap EVO Gladiator Fitment

    Yup. RSI Came back to explain that 211 was shipping weight and 170 was actual weight of cap. Similar to Tacoma, which makes sense. This is from Post 435 of the RSI Smartcap general thread.
  4. RSi SmartCap EVO Gladiator Fitment

    stainless steel. It's wicked nice.
  5. RSi SmartCap EVO Gladiator Fitment

    They actually came back later saying it ended up being 211 lbs.
  6. Rack/Cap Static weights for RTT

    As I understand it, when the vehicle is moving everything on the rack or cap contributes to the dynamic load. Likewise when you are parked, everything on the rack or cap contributes to the static load. So you will need a rack or cap that can handle 225# dynamic and 735 (plus pooch)# static...
  7. RSI Smartcap

    @RSI North America Inc is there any reason I can't lift my smartcap by the roof rails? I ordered M8 weldnuts for the tracks and I have 4 M8 eye bolts. I was thinking I would just use a hoist bolted to the ceiling of my garage to lift it. I know this thing can handle a bunch weight bearing down...
  8. RSI Smartcap

    I clearanced mine by a strong 1/8". There is metal in that gasket (which explains why its abrating the side gasket) so I used a combination of Havalon knife through the soft bit and a pair of diagonal cutters through the metal. It doesn't rub anymore and it doesn't look like the seal is compromised.
  9. Lowest Profile Rack for RSI Evo Cap

    I just installed my cap this past weekend, and I am also trying to get a super low profile rack for my tent. I ordered the square weldnuts that RSI said fit their tracks (currently backordered), and my plan is to bolt a pair of 2x2 steel tube cross bars directly to the cap tracks. This will only...
  10. RSI Smartcap

    This is what mine looks like after installing the cap on Saturday. The end of the bottom gasket on the rear window wants to either be about a quarter inch shorter or made of a softer material.
  11. RSI Smartcap

    Up and running! My roof panel was damged during shipping which was a bummer, but RSI and Andy at Offroad Alliance were all over it and gave me several options: 1. I could return the whole thing and have a new one sent. 2. I could have the panel repaired by a bodyshop at RSI's expense. 3. RSI...
  12. RSI Smartcap

    Yeah. I've been working with Andy getting the thing here. He has been GREAT!
  13. RSI Smartcap

    Offroad Alliance. My plan is to call them in the morning. I just REALLY want to put it together now! But I think it makes sense to wait to see what they have to say.
  14. RSI Smartcap

    Need some advice. Looks like something punched through the box with my roof panel. There is a crease/scratch on the "outside" and the flange is bent. On the inside the paint is broken. What should I do? I have ZERO autobody / paint skills. This is the rear flange. I don't want to be a baby, and...
  15. RSI Smartcap

    Fortunately (or unfortunately if you ask my wife) the engine for that land cruiser is on a stand in the garage, so that is really the safest place he could've put it...
  16. RSI Smartcap

    I ordered mine 8/3 and it's supposed to be delivered tomorrow! Fingers crossed!!!
  17. RSI Smartcap

    Is it possible to be happy for you and hate you at the same time? Just kidding. I also have a rubicon gladiator and bmw GS. It's a good combination!