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  1. Georgia Front steel bumper

    still available? l
  2. 2021 Mojave Gladiator Hamburger's Supercharged Stage II

    I am doing the forged internals for the platform. So I am not worried about “Go Boom” lol. More looking to see if we can push the system beyond 8psi and put down some decent numbers. :)
  3. 2021 Mojave Gladiator Hamburger's Supercharged Stage II
  4. 2021 Mojave Gladiator Hamburger's Supercharged Stage II

    What is the possibility of fitting a 112 trim unit? I know it has a similar footprint as the current one.
  5. Forged V6 internals

    UPDATE: I have partnered with Pauter Machine Co. and JE Pistons. They will have the parts they need by mid week this week. It will take approximately 6 weeks to get first articles. At which point I need to determine if I test it personally or have another partner test it...
  6. Forged V6 internals

    their block guard can fall and cause more damage. Highly advise against that type of press in guard.
  7. Forged V6 internals

    Those rods and pistons from prodigy will not work... The second Gen motor which we have is not a small revision of the 1st gen. Heads are different and so is the compression.
  8. Forged V6 internals

    You just need a clutch ;) My Z makes 4 digit whp on a 6 speed with just a clutch and flywheel ;)
  9. Forged V6 internals

    That’s not totally accurate. Check any serious boosted engine. All of them are closed deck by design and the only area that matters as for coolant is the channels leading to the heads. The physics of heat transfer can be aided with the right material. We have been doing closed deck blocks for...
  10. Forged V6 internals

    if your going into the block it makes no sense to do a semi closed deck. A proper closed deck conversion like I have done with VQ and VR30 motors for Nissan and Infiniti. Will retain all functionality with the added benefits of slightly better cooling efficiency and stronger resistance to...
  11. Forged V6 internals

    Already talked with hamburger about running a larger trim rotrex “c38r-112 trim” unit. This would put us in mildly modded hellcat territory without the $$$$ associated with that. I would have to look at the compressor map of the unit to see where that would put us boost wise. But I suspect...
  12. Forged V6 internals

    This just came in. Finishing up measurements and then shipping out Monday for scanning and forged components to be made ;) who is ready for some boost?
  13. Forged V6 internals

    Update: PArts will be here on saturday. I will take measurements then ship back out for forged parts to be made.
  14. Forged V6 internals

    Already Talked with Hamburger about getting them a set of rods and pistons to throw in a block and put their kit on it and see how much it can make on the engine dyno... maybe even on a bigger supercharger and really stretch it.
  15. Forged V6 internals

    Parts Purchased and should be here some time middle of next week.
  16. Forged V6 internals

    Tomorrow I am purchasing a rod/piston combo. I will be sending the corresponding pieces off to have them produced forged and ready for boost.
  17. Forged V6 internals

    Hey Everyone, I come from the import industry and I have connections with several manufacturers. I can send off to have aftermarket rods and pistons made for our motors. This would be a huge upgrade for the FI members of the community. Significantly cheaper than a V8 swap and the ability to make...
  18. An all aluminum Modular Rack System!

    Hey Everyone, I wanted to give an update. I have run the cost for this and as the design stands now it will be as expensive as whats on the market today. I will be looking into alternative designs and will post up once I have something more cost effective.
  19. An all aluminum Modular Rack System!

    Also you may notice the top connectors are drilled out to be swappable to either side. Makes for easier replacement and one less part sku.