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  1. What color is next in 2021

    I hope your wrong lol. I mean the do gave 3 greys currently.
  2. GECKO GREEN Gladiator Club

    Tell me about it. I was hoping to get some aftermarket work done but into the financing. Don't know if I can do that if ordering before it hits a lot. I dont want to wait for dealers to get them.
  3. What color is next in 2021

    I didn't post Punkin only because it was already an option last year. I doubt they will offer the same color so quick. Not the FCA norm based on what they do with the Dodge side. Gecko has a chance since it was on the original order option pre 21 release.
  4. What color is next in 2021

    Yeah I'm still seeing the Nacho as an option on line but from what I have read here on the forum the site isn't always that accurate.
  5. GECKO GREEN Gladiator Club

    With Nacho done for the year already there is a chance Gecko could be an option in May from what I heard. 🤞
  6. Can you paint the stock black fender flares to be body color?

    Can you show a pick. Would like to see how the flat looks against the color
  7. Can you paint the stock black fender flares to be body color?

    I would think with the plastic ones they are flexible which would cause potential cracks in the paint.
  8. 40" tires... Talk me out of it

    Thanks for posting the more accurate table
  9. 40" tires... Talk me out of it

    Heck yeah I would think it would.
  10. 40" tires... Talk me out of it

    Yeah that can work. Here is what I found.
  11. 40" tires... Talk me out of it

    Regarding your comment if not going Max Tow upgrade the axles. From what I understand the max tow axles are only 1.5" total wider than non max tow. Still dana 44 and same 32 spline. The higher gear is a plus but at 40s I would think we would be looking at a 5:13 from what I've seen is most...
  12. 40" tires... Talk me out of it

    I guess one question to ask is how many people have actually had the issues everyone is cautioning about. There is definitely a lot of caution out there to go this setup and what to expect from potential issues. Which is great info. But is there anyone here that has or knows if many people...
  13. What color is next in 2021

    Personally I'm all in for Gecko obviously. If not released in May I'm going granite with green accents.
  14. What color is next in 2021

    With Nacho retired for the year what color would you like to see next? How many potential buyers are willing to wait and see?
  15. Nacho Color closed for ordering

    By 07 Dodge Charger Daytona edition is limited. Mine is 714/1500. Always thought it was a neat feature. Not sure if they do this with the newer versions now. It was even better before they replicated the color in newer models.
  16. 40" tires... Talk me out of it

    Great Thread. Been planning my build as well and this has been a big internal debate as well. I am still looking to go with 40s though. But one thing I have settled on is reducing the size rim I originally wanted. First plan was 24x14s wrapped with 40s. Now I'm going to reduce to 22x12s still on...
  17. WeatherTech window deflectors now available for JT

    My charger came with these as part of the smokers package. I bought it used. Wasn't sure about them then but love them now. Keeps rain out when windows cracked in the summer and actually added a little color contrast against my neon green.
  18. Removal and Repaint Factory Body Color JL/JT On Dash Panels

    Like the Matte Clear. Great job
  19. Nacho Color closed for ordering

    Consider me first in line. 😜
  20. Nacho Color closed for ordering

    So how soon do we think the next color may be offered? I'm 2 months out from purchase and really want a Gecho.