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  1. Swaying issue with brand new Rubicon diesel?

    I'll take "Over-inflated Tires" for $500, Alex.
  2. Why won’t my electric sway bar disconnect

    Just about everyone I wheel with has installed the Evo kit on their Rubicon. I think I'm the one of the few left who still has a functioning disconnect motor on their JKR. But, the Evo kit is sitting on my shelf. :)
  3. Correct Airbags?

    You control how rigid you want the rear to be with the Air Lift 1000's. On my Ram I run them at 5-10 PSI unloaded, which is barely noticeable. When I'm towing my 27' 8300# travel trailer I run them at 30 PSI. If I didn't have the bag the ass end would bounce up and down over every bump. With the...
  4. Why won’t my electric sway bar disconnect

    Either the dogs in the motor are bound up due to being torqued / not on level ground, or the motor itself has crapped out. Both are common. Try rocking the vehicle from side to side a little, that helps remove the binding on the dogs. If that doesn't work, and you are on level ground, then the...
  5. Adams Graphene

    Toppers maintain the hydrophobic properties of the coating. All coatings will diminish their ability to bead water over time. That doesn't mean the coating is not protecting the paint any longer, just lost it's ability to bead water.
  6. Correct Airbags?

    Yeah. These bags don't hold a lot of air. You don't need a powered pump to air them up. They're not like traditional bags that are holding weight. All they do is apply pressure outward to the springs to add additional load capacity, basically.
  7. FINALLY Automatic UP/DOWN ALL windows!

    It's independent. The front auto down works like normal, a hard press to the second button position to put the front windows down. The rears just tap the buttons for 1/2 second and they'll go auto down. All four will also go auto up independently. Tap up for 1/2 second on each button and that...
  8. FINALLY Automatic UP/DOWN ALL windows!

    Those are the lock and unlock wires. It's sensing the lock and unlock presses to trigger the windows from the remote. If you don't care about being able to operate the windows via the remote then you don't have to bother connecting those wires.
  9. Correct Airbags?

    I've had the 1000 bags on both of my Ram's. Excellent bags. You don't need a big pump. I use a bike pump to inflate them. You're going to want to run them at 5-10 PSI unloaded anyways, and they don't hold a lot of air. 35 PSI max. Literally takes me like a minute to pump them up. Couple pumps...
  10. Keeping the tires and wheels stock?

    I'm staying stock until the original tires are bald. Then I'm putting on some better tires in OEM size. I have a JKR to throw money at.
  11. FINALLY Automatic UP/DOWN ALL windows!

    Me too! lol I was an MECP certified installer for 7 years at a custom shop in Philly. That upper door connection harness is just in one of those spots, and there's no slack in it. Plus I'm not as limber as I was 20 years ago. lol
  12. Correct Airbags? Looks like the same part number. I would call Air Lift and ask them. Since you didn't state if your truck is max tow or not. Different springs, might require different bags.
  13. FINALLY Automatic UP/DOWN ALL windows!

    Installed mine tonight. All working well. Man, getting to those wires at the door connector is a royal PITA!
  14. Does 4WD shifting get easier?

    I've never shifted any of my Jeeps in to 4H or 4L while moving. Especially 4L. Never had a problem. Takes some force though. No grinding, just a good tug.
  15. Towing modifications??

    No compressor needed. They come with schrader valves that you can mount wherever. On my Ram I have them mounted next to the license plate in the back. I use a bicycle tire pump air them up. You only put 25-35 PSI in them. Takes a couple pumps per bag.
  16. FINALLY Automatic UP/DOWN ALL windows!

    I bet that company is reconsidering their marketing strategy. lol
  17. Towing modifications??

    I can attest to those Air Lift bags. I have my current Ram, and had them on my last Ram. They don't level out a load like a traditional air bag. But they do reduce the bounce and sag from heavier tongue weights. Rear end feels more planted.
  18. Advertised prices are not the same when you call dealership.

    You can get an amazing deal if you are a living civil war combat vet that also sells moon real estate and happen to be a direct descendent of Napoleon.
  19. FINALLY Automatic UP/DOWN ALL windows!

    Mine came today as well. Gonna have to wait until this weekend to install it.
  20. Shake Jeep for sway bar disconnect

    Yup. If there is pressure on the dogs in the motor it will not disengage them. Shaking the vehicle from side to side will relieve that pressure, most of the time. Also, you need to have the front axle on rather level ground or it won't work. Or rather, the sway bar should not be bound/torqued in...