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  1. Factory Half Doors Install Video for Jeep Gladiator

    That is one thing the bronco got right. It has frameless windows on the doors so essentially have half door already. Also the side view mirror is not mounted to the door so you can take doors off without needing to add anything. Well maybe if it doesn’t leak.
  2. 35s & 4.56 gears experience

    I put the 35x11.50 on stock rims. By spec the 12.5 width is too wide for a 7.5” rim. A lot of people do it anyway. You just need to find an installer that will do it. I like my Mojave rims so stayed safe and in spec with the 11.5” width.
  3. 35s & 4.56 gears experience

    The OP is talking about a manual transmission which has taller gears than the 8 speed auto. Seems like a lot of back and forth in this thread. Hard to compare gears and tires between the 2 transmissions. There are calculators out there that show how an increase in tire size changes your...
  4. Your Top Few Mods?

    Don’t let some shop lift it and keep those shocks. They are $1500 a piece at the dealer. You can wheel with 35s easy on stock setup. Check out gladiator Mojave Facebook group for people running 37s.
  5. Your Top Few Mods?

    Swap out your tires while you can still sell the stock all terrains for a few bucks.
  6. Mods you regret

    Yep. Just took a road trip with them and they were great.
  7. Mods you regret

    I just put a 35x11.50 on my Mojave. I wish they were a true 35 and not the 34” actual on the vehicle. Would be perfect. I think 37s would be fine around town and even off road in 4lo. I didn’t try them out because I was worried about performance when it was loaded or trying to tow. I didn’t...
  8. Lifted the Mojave 3" w/ suspension parts from Fabtech, Clayton Off-Road, Rock Jock, Rock Krawler, Teraflex, AEV

    if you have jack stands on the frame and a jack on the rear diff you can just lower the rear axle once everything is disconnected.
  9. Acceleration while slowing...

    I have been to the dealership and they can’t seem to duplicate the issue. Jeep is trying to get this transmission/engine combo to do too much. Need to be able to toggle from tow mode to regular mode so the programming doesn’t need to try and figure out what the hell you want to do.
  10. Gladiator hoods aluminum or steel?

    Have 21 Mojave. Magnet worked on hood but not the doors.
  11. Acceleration while slowing...

    When I am braking I often feel a surge at some point as the transmission is downshifting. The tac doesn’t rev or anything. I think I am getting some engine braking and then for some reason the transmission will shift to neutral for a moment. Since my brake pressure is based on what I am...
  12. Curiousity poll

    No, but probably my last.
  13. Someone's scoping my Gladiator

    I don’t want to make it seem like you are overly stressed about this. But I don’t see much reason to worry about a vehicle that can be replaced tomorrow by another one from the dealership. Have your basic security like lights and a camera, insure it , and live your life. As a current LEO I...

    I have transmission issues once it warms up. It doesn’t start showing until I drive for a few miles. Not saying they are all bad. But I didn’t start to notice my issues until I was on my home 10 miles from the dealership in stop and go traffic. I drove an identical one and made the deal...

    Drive the hell out of it before you sign the papers. I test drove one while mine was being pulled off the truck and washed. I assumed the same model drove the same. I have a POS and didn’t realize it until half way home.
  16. Ugh! Need thoughts and information

    Got mine back from the dealer. They said no codes so they couldn’t do anything. They did a “quick learn” on the transmission program. Sounds like they reset it to factory settings before the adaptive qualities would kick in. They said they thought it made the rough shifting better. In their...
  17. Ugh! Need thoughts and information

    Please contact me.
  18. AEV Front Bumper Released For JT Gladiator!

    That price is insane.
  19. Ugh! Need thoughts and information

    Not sure the dealer has the ability to fix anything. They just seem to look for a code and then swap out a unit. Problem is that there is their acceptable range before a code and then there is yours.
  20. Ugh! Need thoughts and information

    I am bringing mine in for one more try. If they play deaf and dumb I will have a decision to make. Either hang on to it through the warranty period or trade it at the end of 21. No sense in taking the hit right now.