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  1. iron rock off road 2” spacer kit JT sport s max tow installed w/ photos

    Looks awesome! I have one on the way. Can’t wait to get it installed. Hope it gives me more lift than the TerraFlex level kit I have on it now.
  2. AWE Exhaust Install

    Watched the video last week. Very detailed and looks to definitely be a DIY project for people. Great sounding exhaust.
  3. What did you do TO your Gladiator today?

    Damn my wheel look good with alot of colors. Love it!
  4. Iron Rock Off Road Discount

    i tried both of them last week and again today and they don’t work but thanks,
  5. Iron Rock Off Road Discount

    Honestly I’m stuck on the shipping charges. Hardly anyone charges shipping on items over $100 anymore. I’m just being cheap I know and admit it. $15 is $15.
  6. Iron Rock Off Road Discount

    Guess IRO doesn’t offer deals. Must be pay what we want or buy from someone else.
  7. Iron Rock Off Road Discount

    Anyone know of a discount code for IRO? Even free shipping would be great. Trying to talk myself into the 2” spacer lift and need a push over the hump. LOL thanks
  8. What did you do TO your Gladiator today?

    they are Abrams and they look amazing with SG. 😂😂😂😂
  9. Spacer lift qiestion

    I did see that on a different thread after my post. Pretty slick idea and cheap AF.
  10. Spacer lift qiestion

    I reached out to IRO and they do not recommend using the TeraFlex spacer with their kit. Funny thing is when I asked them about using the TeraFlex bump stops they had no idea if they would work or not. Probably going to hold off as I’m looking into a new job and unfortunately owe Uncle Sam...
  11. Mods you regret

    How much my wheels stick out with a -18 offset. Love the looks of the wheels and my truck just not this time of year with all the snow, salt and mud.
  12. SARGE GREEN Gladiator club

    Yes my BR Abrams would look bad ass on this truck. Maybe not as bad ass as they look on my sting grey but def a close 2nd. LOL
  13. Spacer lift qiestion

    Ok for you guys running the IRO 2” spacer lifts I have a question. What are you doing for bump stops front and rear? Also, anyone stack the TeraFlex with the IRO kit? Thinking maybe just using the 1/2” spacer to correct the rake a little, not completely. There is only a hundred kits and none...
  14. What tire pressure - Nitto Ridge Grapplers - 35s

    I run my NRG at 32psi cold. I’m on 20” wheels so my ride is a bit harsher than 17” wheels. keep playing around with the psi until you find YOUR sweet spot.
  15.'s not a snowmobile

    It’s headed my way tomorrow. 8-11” depending on which weatherman you watch. Can’t figging wait.
  16. Spacer lift qiestion

    Think you guys have talked me into the IRO 2” spacer lift. I’m going to keep the OEM shocks for now and my use part of my current TerraFlex in the front to level it out.
  17. “Your track bars are in”

    Sometimes a man has to do what a man has to do! Bravo
  18. Aluminum Hood means no need for a stone shield? Other than for looks?

    Mine is covering a pretty good sized stone chip but yes I like the looks myself.
  19. Hello from Indiana

    Looks great. I’m sure we will cross paths. I’m in Ft. Wayne enough!
  20. NACHO Gladiator club

    They have one now in Auburn at Shepard’s now as well. Apparently the first release of nacho is all Mojave. What part of the state you from? I‘m just east of Avilla a little.