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  1. Quadratec Discount?

    Yeah, PM'd them and got zero response. I found other wheels that I like for about $15 less per wheel.
  2. People have gone mad on the interstate!

    Yep, same here. I'm 6'5" and built like a brick s**t house. Twice in my life someone tried to road rage me, caught me at a light and got out of their car heading towards my car. They were all mouthy until I stepped out of my vehicle. Both times they saw my size, said "f**k that" and quickly shut...
  3. Quadratec Discount?

    I'm about to do the same.
  4. Glass Chip Under 1,000 Miles = Big Surprise (not) !

    I hate to ask, but how much was the Gorilla Glass?
  5. Glass Chip Under 1,000 Miles = Big Surprise (not) !

    I believ I believe there is a coating for this that is supposed to help prevent chips.
  6. Glass Chip Under 1,000 Miles = Big Surprise (not) !

    Yep, totally agree. I just cannot understand why it's always right when I get a Jeep. No joke, this is now my 7th Jeep (6-Wranglers and the Gladiator) and they all got a chip at under a 1,000 miles! it's like to f'ed up joke on me.
  7. Glass Chip Under 1,000 Miles = Big Surprise (not) !

    Not bad...I made it 795 miles this time before my first stone chip! MOTHER F**KER!! Every single Wrangler and now I can add Gladiator to the list, gets a stone chip before I hit 1,000 miles!! It NEVER fails. The glass in these are complete JUNK and FCA from what I hear from friends who work...
  8. Quadratec Discount?

    Hello. I sent a message almost two weeks ago and heard nothing back. I want to order wheels and was interested in seeing if I could get a few bucks off. Thanks!
  9. Michigan WTB: 68436812AA Rear Swaybar Links

    Looking for factory rear swaybar links part number 68436812AA. PM me if you have a set.
  10. Double-D Bouncing With Bigger Tires!

    If she didn't, she'd have black eyes all the time.
  11. Double-D Bouncing With Bigger Tires!

    Could be tire pressure. I have a small spacer lift with stock springs/shocks. The ride was fine before the tires so I assume it's that.
  12. Double-D Bouncing With Bigger Tires!

    I was considering the Morphic wheels from Quadratec. I like the stock look.
  13. Double-D Bouncing With Bigger Tires!

    I'm a guy...I generally like things that bounce, although sometimes a distraction when I'm driving and my passenger (wife) has a loose-fitting bra on. I learned a lesson recently and wanted to pass it on to anyone considering larger tires on stock width rims. I have a Willys with 7.5" wide...
  14. Disappointed and sad . My gladiator is dead and sold

    Luck of the draw. Any mass-produced vehicle can have random issues like yours did. I'm sure if you read enough Honda forums, you will find the person who had issues with their Honda, turned it in, and said "I'll never buy another Honda." I'm on my 6th Jeep, never any major concerns, all have...
  15. Bring Out Your Dead...

    I like the idea of this one too. is something strange, I went on their website and added "my vehicle" (2021 Gladiator JT) and there is now a big red sign that says "Doesn't fit 2021 Gladiator" - What. The. Bleep?
  16. Bring Out Your Dead...

    Dead pedal - gimmick or can't live without one? Being this my 2nd "JL" ish vehicle (JLU and now the JT), I have been slightly bothered by the Grand Canyon adjacent to the brake pedal. It's a vast cavern with tumbleweeds and meerkats, all with its own ecosystem. Yesterday while meandering down...
  17. What do u have coming in the mail?

    Glad that I could "help" you.
  18. Rant on Buying a Torque Wrench: How Frustrating!

    Yeah I did an initial control arm torque with my buddy's torque wrench to get to the 180ft. lbs. Good times laying under there one little click at a time while one-handed holding an open-end wrench on the other side. Can't wait to retorque all of them again. Not.
  19. Rant on Buying a Torque Wrench: How Frustrating!

    I'm with ya. I try and spend the money where I feel it's appropriate, like on good tools. I don't mind spending cash, maybe more than some, less than others, I just don't want to have garbage. I don't need a professional, $2000 torque wrench for being a weekend warrior, but I don't want to think...
  20. Rant on Buying a Torque Wrench: How Frustrating!

    My dad still uses his Sears, beam-type and so far has always seemed to work. We tossed it on a calibration rig once 20 years ago and it was pretty accurate. Think he paid $30 for it!