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  1. South Carolina Cplay2air wireless Apple Carplay adapter

    Mostly because I needed to charge when I'm in the vehicle. The device does exactly what is promised, it just wasn't for me.
  2. Giving Birth To A Pentastar V6

    Great video, thanks for posting.
  3. 2021 Bantam Jeep Festival - June 11-13

    Going! I worked in Butler, PA for 8 years. Looking forward to going back and seeing some great Jeeps.
  4. 2020 Gladiator Overland issue - clanking near drivers side

    Mind if I ask who your dealership is in SC? My local dealership isn't great, or even good, and I'd like to try somewhere new if its not too far. Are you happy with them?
  5. I feel like I just won the lottery!

    You owe your neighbor some Pabst!
  6. “Dealing with Rokbloks when you pay and their product never shows up.”

    I agree, nobody is expected to get everything right. @Northridge4x4 has always gone above and beyond with my orders. When an item on the website was still showing an old promo (unknown to me at the time), they honored it without issue. They ship super fast, and are so easy to do business with...
  7. I Raptor (Spray) Lined an Entire JT! (Pictures & Video)

    Not a modification I would do, but completely respect the skill and craftsmanship. Well done!
  8. Where is ShadowsPapa?

    I heard he won the lottery, and will be resurrecting the AMC brand. Something about the only way to get spare parts.....
  9. South Carolina Cplay2air wireless Apple Carplay adapter

    Thanks for the offer. Definitely open to trades, but the sprint booster isn't something I'd likely use.
  10. South Carolina Cplay2air wireless Apple Carplay adapter

    thought I'd like this, but its just not for me. Plugs into your USB and provides wireless Carplay for your Jeep (or other supported vehicles). Basically brand new, includes original box and still has the plastic on the adapter. Works as it should. $100 shipped to the 48 states. CPLAY2air...
  11. TOYO - The caviar of tires?

    I'm running a half price discount for forum members! Let me know how many you want.
  12. OK ....What’s HER name ....or HIS

    White Trash Truck
  13. Autotrader WTF Sightings

    I think you read that wrong....the description says it has 26-foot (26') rims! I've never seen anyone on this forum commit to wheels nearly three stories high.
  14. White Lettered Tires

    I remember when bleach white was the good stuff! Seems like they've changed the formula from what remember as a kid scrubbing my dads whitewall tires.
  15. BRIGHT WHITE Gladiator JT Club

    Looking good! Perfect weather to pick up a new Jeep!
  16. What trim level/options?

    Such a shame 4.10's are not available across the trim lines as an option. The change in build cost would be nominal, and I have to believe that many would take advantage of the upgrade.
  17. What trim level/options?

    Still standard for the gas models, the diesel comes with 3.73's.
  18. I did a thing yesterday

    Looks good! Share some pictures as you do your modifications.