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  1. Y’all’re doin’ it wrong...

    You might be surprised. Last summer I was driving our sport UTV on an ATV trail that was a little too narrow for the 72" wide UTV, and I came up on someone driving a rental motorhome down the same trail. He was just plowing through brush and breaking off 3" diameter tree branches with the...
  2. How to get best of both Rubicon and Mojave worlds?

    Very well said. That is your bottom line, right there.
  3. How to get best of both Rubicon and Mojave worlds?

    I've been 4 wheeling my Mojave for 9000 miles so far. There have been a few times when a lower geared transfer case would have been nice, but there are an equal number of times when not having the lower geared transfer case is nice. There have been several times I have needed the rear locker...
  4. How many Jeep branded rides have you owned?

    I bought my first Jeep in 1974, when I was 14 years old. It was a 1960 CJ-5 that I paid $600 for. In the 47 years since then I have owned ... At least 6 CJ's 2 YJ's 4 TJ's 4 JK's 1 JL 1 JT 1 XJ 3 ZJ's 2 WJ's 1 KJ 1 WK 1 WK-2 1 Compass That makes 28 if my math is correct.
  5. Baja Design LP6 question

    Yes. Way way way too bright to run on road, even on low beam. Absolutely awesome off road though.
  6. Which of these Moab trails would you choose?

    I've done these BOH Moab trails in my Gladiator: Metal Masher, Steel Bender, Cliff Hanger, and Pritchett Canyon. I liked Cliff Hanger the best. Pritchett Canyon is the most difficult by far. I used to be a member of the Red Rock 4-Wheelers back in the 1990s and 2000s, and led trails...
  7. Bought Another Jeep Today

    Now that we have owned this Compass for a little while I must say that I am pleasantly surprised with many aspects that I hadn't really noticed initially. The engine power is better than I initially thought. I wonder if the ECU has been learning how I drive, and has adjusted to be a better...
  8. Show me your front bumpers!!

    Yes, I used the overrider holes, and the hooks do not seem to block the lights. The lights provide an exceptional spread of light, with no blind spots at all.
  9. Anyone running bigger tires without the calibration done? Experience?

    I've been running mine with 37s and no recalibration since last August (8300 miles). According to my Lowrance GPS my speedometer is 11% off, so if I want to go the 80 mph speed limit on the interstate I set the cruise at 73. Shift points could be better. Shift points weren't great to begin...
  10. Practical Truck for the Over Prepared Woman

    I wouldn't plan on getting over Skyline Drive in UT until any sooner than late May.
  11. Request: Mojave with lift and 35s.

    I did not remove the stock spring isolator. And to be clear, the Jeep in that picture has a 2 1/2" front spring spacer and a 1 1/2" rear spring spacer. The winch and bumper lowered the front 1/2", so the net effect after the lift and winch/bumper is 1/2" less rake than stock.
  12. Request: Mojave with lift and 35s.

    Here you go. Mojave with a 2.5" spacer lift and 35s, on stock wheels.
  13. Gladiator VS ZR2

    I owned a ZR2 before my Gladiator Mojave. The ZR2 had better suspension than the Mojave does. Power is about equal. Interior is much better on the Mojave. Exterior styling is better on the Mojave. Offroad capability is better with the Mojave, even though it only has a rear locker and the...
  14. Mojave 392 musings 😂

    I had the chance to see a TRX in person today. A dealer in another town 50 miles from where I live had got one in, and had it ready to be picked up by the new owner, and it was sitting out in front of their dealership. So I stopped and looked it over. Pictures do not do this truck justice...
  15. 37’s and 4:10’s

    Read post #22 of this thread ... 4.88 or 5.13 - pulling camper, heavy 37s and steelie wheels | Page 2 | Jeep Gladiator Forum - My experience towing with my Gladiator.
  16. New Vegas Mojave

    Looks fantastic. Best color of 2021
  17. Mojave 392 musings 😂

    That's what I was thinking. If it is < $5000 more to get the TRX then get the TRX. If it is >$10,000 less to get a 392 Gladiator, then get the Gladiator. If it is someplace in between then you would have to drive them to see which is going to be better. Finding a TRX to drive is going to be...
  18. Mojave 392 musings 😂

    Very true. If it is <$5000 difference then the TRX would be a better choice.
  19. Mojave 392 musings 😂

    I'll sign up for a 392 powered Gladiator, whether it is a Mojave or a Rubicon. I'll pass on an electric Gladiator. Charging stations are too far and few between, charging times too long, and reliability too unproven to go where the tow truck can't get to.