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  1. 2.5” leveling kit and 37s done!

    Very nice!! You running any wheel spacers?
  2. Best seat covers for the Gladiator?

    Any updates on the Carhartt's?
  3. Just the little things

    That pressure washer looks really nice with 37's! :like:
  4. Poll: Do full 1.5” or just 1” for teraflex leveling kit?

    I did the full 1.5” with daystar 3/4” in the rear. I’ll try & get a pic this afternoon. Sport s non-max
  5. Where is ShadowsPapa?

    I was wondering the same just last night. Hadn’t seen him chime in for the longest while... Hope all is ok!
  6. Your Top Few Mods?

    Ditto on the pedal commander!
  7. Radio "POP's" and reboot - anybody else?

    Mine just did it yesterday for the 3rd time! Looked & the clock said 12:15... another trip to the dealer I guess... :surprised:
  8. Scrambler Tribute Gladiator Build ...need help with roll bar

    I believe you can order from Quadratec a paintable option Mopar hardtop.
  9. Rokblokz phone number? Front flaps dont fit and I am not happy

    Ya, I purchased the fronts only & had a tough time (maybe 30min) massaging the 1st one. Once I got the 1st installed the 2nd was pretty quick. After a little elbow-grease and some colorful language I was ready to go out & try ‘em out!
  10. Goodbye Gladiator

    I agree, that was boss!
  11. First oil change....AMSOIL 0w20 or 5w30.

    I’ll take the beer! :beer: It’s all good for me... Cheers!
  12. First oil change....AMSOIL 0w20 or 5w30.

    This is my plan. I’m close to 40k on the clock & just ordered Amsoil 5w30syn. Have been running Amsoil 0w20syn since 1st oil change @ ~5k.
  13. Gladiator gas octane?

    ya, so mine sometimes sounds like it has a knock tin can sound. I guess best way I can explain by my own experience. Not loud but just annoying.
  14. Gladiator gas octane?

    i run 89 now as well... for me 87 pings and 89 seems to sound/run "smoother". no difference in mpg's for me.
  15. Age Group?

    I still giggle like a 7 yr. old when I toot!! Hehe! Again, I’m 46... lol! :surprised: