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  1. SARGE GREEN Gladiator club

    Awesome - I wanna see more! I have this on order only a week ago - OMG, 3 month wait. I guess I'll survive LOL. I've been waiting for a Diesel Wrangler for 16 years, then the Gladiator came out. So looking forward to it.
  2. Real world MPG, what are you getting in your Diesel?

    I think your Jeep is awesome. That color combination, Rubicon, and rims choice is a favorite of mine. I'm was going to do the Sport but now have the Rubicon on order - its already "lifted" to me.
  3. Is icing on LEDs really a problem?

    I've hear of this happening before in a blizzard. But in a blizzard in every vehicle I've driven I've always have to stop now and then, depending on conditions, to wipe off the cowl area and windshield of accumulated snow/ice. Grill sometimes too. Now I'll just add the headlights to the list -...
  4. Future JT diesel Rubicon owner with questions.

    Welcome to the mad house! Its a great place. Anyhow - are you concerned about adjusting your speedo to work correctly? ( I'm not sure of that answer myself ) Just something else to consider.
  5. aFe Intake Diesel

    Use what makes you happy. However in my own experience with using anyone's oil type air filter was always a mess. I really don't like how that oil coats the intake, including the MAF sensor too. Remember - a Diesel takes in a tremendous amount of air, way beyond any turbo gas engine. Proper...
  6. Factory Spray In Bed liner no longer available???

    You're using logic and making sense - that was outlawed a while ago.
  7. Adaptive Cruise Control: yay or nay?

    Yeah to a point. But I gotta put on the brakes for it to kick in but I hear ya.
  8. Adaptive Cruise Control: yay or nay?

    I'm on this side of the fence as well. My new Gladiator has neither ACC or back up safety group. I don't want anything tying into my braking system without my direct consent! And speaking of driving... I know how to drive thank you very much and I do it with my full attention. Its a dying...
  9. Jeep destroyed by flat tow in 4Lo

    Well I took a look... that crate engine is just a long block, not fully complete ready to run engine. This guy will have to buy the farm with that kind of catastrophic damage. He's got no rebuildable cores ( extra charges ) and will need EVERYTHING to bring that back to life. Wiring harnesses...
  10. Jeep destroyed by flat tow in 4Lo

    I'd keep what is left of that engine. What a conversation piece!
  11. New diesel owner with 4 questions:

    1 - Exactly what it is I'm not sure. 2- I believe that's either or the turbo VGT vanes / exhaust brake valve actuating a cycle to keep carbon off the moving parts. Prevents sticking. 3- Diesel's have greater compression then the gas engine and require more cranking power to start them. 4- I...
  12. Guys HELP!!! Gas Or Diesel

    The only thing I can add to this is my experience with my 16 year old Jeep Liberty CRD blasting by 140K. In a nutshell its been the BEST Diesel and vehicle I've ever owned! I've come across tons of comments on all sorts of websites with people bashing the current EcoDiesel saying " Oh its just...
  13. Guys HELP!!! Gas Or Diesel

    That 200K post is wrong - they are calculating in the 2K upcharge for the auto transmission as well. All but 1 article I've read keeps getting this wrong. If someone chooses an auto transmission on the gas V6 then an upcharge applies too.
  14. Mud guards for Rubicon??

  15. Mud guards for Rubicon??

    Show us some pics please!
  16. Just Ordered? Check in HERE!

    When I was trying to build it on both the Jeep site and at the dealer if you select the Diesel it gives a warning that its taking off the hard top insulation, bed liner and cover. Something about the turns the assembly line are taking between gas and Diesel - so I'm told. I already waited over...
  17. Just Ordered? Check in HERE!

    Wow - really cool, just did this. Was told the parts are gathered and the build will begin soon.
  18. Gladiator Diesel with 11 miles on the ODM, but 2.5hr of engine run time??

    I wouldn't worry about it at all. A lot of people drive your new Jeep before you get it - I was at the dealer last week and some Gladiators came off the car carrier - they were filthy in and out. For sure had a number of people driving it before it ever made it to the dealer. It happens, part...
  19. Just Ordered? Check in HERE!

    Say what?! I just got my VIN yesterday. So if I fill in that link you can get actual updates - but they are from who? Thanks!