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  1. School me on rearview mirror dash cams

    Thanks... good info! Will check ou the kit you ordered too.
  2. School me on rearview mirror dash cams

    Any details on the install that you can share? Any curveballs? How did your run your wiring? I just ordered the same unit as I have a rack and RTT blocking my rear view. TIA!
  3. Jeep worthy 35's that are quiet on Hwy

    Any chance you can share fuel economy from going stock to the kenda klevers? I assume you went with the 35/10.50R17 which I am eyeing as well, just worry about mpg difference. Glad to hear that they are quiet on the road!
  4. New York Hvac control

    Moparbrett, I am interested - just want to make sure this is still available.
  5. Hi, We're Harker Outdoors! We build Expedition Driven Campers for Jeep Gladiator.

    Very interested, especially if you have a better way to solve the mountain bike transport as well! - Jeff in St. George, UT
  6. Another Rock Chip in the Windshield! ARRRG

    It has been my experience that the wind deflectors available to mount on the front of the hood do a good job in redirecting a rock just enough to minimize the direct hits - rocks will still hit the windshield, no doubt, but the deflectors to limit the amount of damage/frequency of impacts.
  7. Giveaway & Promo: Hothead Headliner and Sound Assassin For JT Gladiator!

    Just liked both pages... good luck to all!
  8. Gladiator Bike Rack?

    Had my Gladiator for two weeks now and have been trying to figure out a better solution as my 1UpUSA bike rack completely blocks the license plate and the back up camera when in the stored position. I pulled the panel for the camera and am using a plywood template for now to make sure this will...