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  1. wonder what happened

    Here are the vehicle specs on it.
  2. wonder what happened

    Y'all need to look at the build specs on that before speculating. 6.4 hemi, tons etc. NOT to say the vehicle is heavy enough for a gooseneck anyway, but it is not a under matched as it may look at first glance. I still wouldn't do it. They day the fire emanated from the fuse box. Black Ops build...
  3. So I can’t place an order for Nacho....

    My Gobi is for sale. Right on your budget.
  4. BFG Balancing Issues??

    The road noise is not bad at all, it is there but after 40 miles an hour the wind noise against the super flat gladiator takes over. FYI I have ran the Km2s (below) as well and they were great, but not as refined as the km3. All mud tires have come a long way in the last 10 years.
  5. What did you do TO your Gladiator today?

    Lowered the selling price...
  6. BFG Balancing Issues??

    I have 37in KM3 that we originally balanced by 4WP with balance beads and they vibrated more than I cared for at highway speeds. I had them dismounted and rebalanced by a local tire shop with stick-ons and it has been butter smooth since. The installer has a lot to do with it. BTW I should have...
  7. Anybody Completely Enamored with the MAX TOW Stock?

    Question: Do you have to get a CDL to drive a Mack's Toe?
  8. You’re my boy Blue (Diesel JT Build)

    You are not supposed to put porn on this forum.....:like:
  9. Best 37s for daily driver

    IMO the long proportions of the gladiator need at least a 37. Many on here regret going 35s and look forward to replacing them with 37s, just search. I got 37s and wish I went 39 bfg. If you have over owned a boat, then you know this as two foot-itis.
  10. Meat make potatoes look small?

    Why decide between big tires and small tires when you can have both. This is America!
  11. Factory Half Doors Install Video for Jeep Gladiator

    She's a beaut Clark!
  12. Milestar, Mastercraft, Cooper

    It is your money, but keep in mind American manufacturing jobs are very stressed right now. Cooper = made in USA Mastercraft = made in USA Milestar = made in Taiwan By the way, i run the 37 bfgs so i can fit the soare underneath. You are right, they are a shorter 37, but that suited my needs.
  13. SARGE GREEN Gladiator club

    The sarge with black softop is awesome looking. Well done!
  14. Alabama 2020 Gobi Rubicon - Loaded - $60k

    Doors off weather. Lets get that 392!
  15. Jeep destroyed by flat tow in 4Lo

    I see its a Rubicon, a built sport would have made it............
  16. Steering suddenly very loose 2 months after TSB

    The nut should be torqued to 177 ft/lbs and use red loctite. It takes a big socket 42mm ( I used 1-11/16") you will soend 3x the cost of the nut on the socket. :clap:
  17. New JT Gladiator Steering Issue TSB 08-074-20 (for "Improved Steering Feel")

    Yes, but here we are. Your sig quote says it all.
  18. 2020 Rubicon Build

  19. New JT Gladiator Steering Issue TSB 08-074-20 (for "Improved Steering Feel")

    This is crazy to hear about the issues with the new box. From what you describe I would think the steer smarts drag link with attenuator would be worth looking at.