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  1. First Impressions in New Gladiator

    Yeah, the head rest thing is interesting. I see the same angled non- adjustable on several new vehicles. This must be a new safety standard.
  2. Mopar grab handles compatible with Sunrider top?

    No they will not work. Lifts the top bracket up too much. It can be done but makes latching a little more difficult.
  3. Tube Doors

    I think the MOPAR tube doors are the best and cleanest looking. Spendy but I think worth it. Going with these once I save up.
  4. Is FedEx full of it?

    UPS sends you a nice email with tracking number included. FedEx, NO!
  5. Is FedEx full of it?

    My experience is out of every 10 FedEx issues I have one UPS. My company also sees the same issues and just switch shipping method to UPS.
  6. Is FedEx full of it?

    I have a package sent from Quadrtec 2 weeks ago. Says sitting in Chicago for 8 days with a note ' delivery pending'. If I have shipping choice I always go UPS. I cringe when I see shipped with FedEx. Going on 15 days and still nothing.
  7. Icon 1.375 rear spacer question

    Jack's stands under frame. Take off shock lower bolts, sway bar links and lower axle with Jack.
  8. Anyone change spark plugs yet?

    There's a great video on YouTube from Exodus jeeps. Once you watch this you will see how easy it really is. I plan on doing my own after watching it. Seems easy enough if you have basic mechanical skills. If not then most certainly take it to someone.
  9. Can you build a better Jeep and save money by starting with a Sport S?

    No one is questioning why someone buys a Rubicon. The OP's question is can you buy and build and save money starting with a Sport model. No need to defend your purchase. One really need to first ask is the Rubicon is going to be enough for what they plan on doing. If not then most certainly...
  10. Can you build a better Jeep and save money by starting with a Sport S?

    Depends on your starting point. My Base Max tow with many options$34K. Lots of $ for build. Buy and start where you want and need. All these JT's are amazing and I've owned mine for almost a year and stare at ever one I see regardless of model.
  11. Everyone should change the differential fluids sooner rather than later

    Suggestions on gear oil for those with LS diffs?
  12. What did you do TO your Gladiator today?

    Sweet looking Rig. Love the Sarge Green. Can't wait to see one in person.
  13. Oil Catch Can - is it needed?

    Yeah. And do you want that going into your Jeep! I also chose not!!! Crazy. And some say it's just water from condensation but if that was the case it would separate but it doesn't. Maybe some but a lot of oil.
  14. Model specific sections in the forum?

    Agreed. Not enough differences between models and you might miss some good info if you pigeon hole yourself to just one models info.
  15. Factory Mopar Spray-In Bedliner

    Factory one here ands it looks great. Mines definitely not thin! Love that it's part of the factory build. I would for sure do it again. No complaints at all except the holes being sprayed over vs plugged first. Hope they finally corrected this by now.
  16. Mopar Trailer Brake Controller for Jeep Gladiator Officially Released (Part # 82215652AB)

    Jeep Cares is anyone listing and does this feedback reach anyone who can help change things possibly down the road. Or do they even care once the vehicle is Sold!