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  1. Exterior Work finally DONE! Gladiator Rubicon build

    I am amazed the yellow details look that good against khaki...would have never guessed that. Nice job!
  2. Project retro phase two and three complete, she's coming together

    Those are wheel vintiques jw smoothie. Got them from Summit racing. Wheel Vintiques can tell you the part # for the caps which summit also sells but They don't list (or they didn't) Thet old style jeep logos where made by a sign making friend of mine locally. If you would want those I can get...
  3. Magnetic drain plug for differentials?

    You can actually add magnets to the outside of the cover. Just stick them on and they will hold the debris against the inside.
  4. Paging ShadowsPapa, @ShadowsPapa please come to the courtesy counter

    I will chime in on this since I have done it myself and seen the positive and negative effects. I did this on old engines before that have either not been maintained or just left to set for years. What we did is use a mix of 20% oil to 80% kerosene or diesel. In a light scummed up engine (gas...
  5. Climate control is out-of-control?

    Mine acts like that as well. I would like to know where the temp sensor is for the HVAC system. The best I can figure it must be inside the spare tire. Honestly a 70 degree setting will be sub-arctic one day and Death Valley the next, I guess climate change is least inside my cab. I...
  6. EAG front bumper feedback?

    I have one, purchased it to carry the winch until I got a chance to build what I want out of aluminum. Fit and finish were great. Welds good. Factory fogs fit as they should. They powder coat probably the only weak point but I just used it as primer for a top coat of body color anyway. For the...
  7. Did you buy a Jeep that is a truck or a truck that is a Jeep?

    In my case I have had a truck in the herd since 1990. Big ones, small ones and even 2wd Datsun once. Added a CJ7 to the fleet once but practicality raised is ugly head and when one of the vehicles had to go...well you know the rest of the story. I have wanted a jeep BUT could not justify it...
  8. Black Bear Pass

    I recommend to anyone to go out there at least once. If you don't you are missing the views of a lifetime. Well worth it.
  9. Black Bear Pass

    we were going down and yup, we all rode the bikes off the wall. The oldest in our group was 64 and the youngest was 40 at the time
  10. Black Bear Pass

    My riding buddies and me went out to Ouray a few years ago on the enduro bikes for a week. Rode all the passes and any trail we could find. Absolutely beautiful scenery unfortunately the road required 100% of your attention most of the time. I look at some of the video from the helmet cameras...
  11. I think I’m the worse driver ever..

    must be uphill both ways
  12. Smoothie wheels/37" Nitto Trail Grapplers - 5" offset?

    I have a set of the 17 x 8. If I recall right the 9" adds to the outside lip and the backspace remains the same. Watch your lug nut torque up if you get them. The factory lug nuts were acting like they bottomed on the studs before coming up to torque. If you want tell me what kind of photos you...
  13. A sad bunch of pics. Link to salvage gladiators for sale some worse than others. I do like seeing how well they survive a beatdown but there is one on there that is really mangled.
  14. Painting just the sides / back of a black textured hard top

    The texture is in the paint the factory painted it with. The texture will knock down just fine without breaking through.
  15. Gladiator Deer Hoist: Calling all engineers

    One of the slickest I have seen was some local bear hunters had a rig set up with a ramp with rollers on it (like a box conveyor) and a rope and pulley setup in the front of the bed. Dirt simple and worked really well dragging a bear into the truck
  16. Mopar factory trailer brake controller - my impressions and review

    Thanks for the write up and review Shadow. I feel your pain. Makes me happy that I got impatient (one of my more negative qualities) and installed the Redarc. I thought the "factory unit" would be integrated into the display as well. Huge disappointment. It sucks when a manufacturer capable...
  17. Rattle from engine when accelerating (sounds like keys)

    Can't explain that other than what shadow stated but then the question arises...why did it come back on the same tank of fuel? The exhaust heat shields can be a source of all kind of mysterious sounds, one could be bent a little and intermittently touching something else. It is fairly easy to...
  18. Rattle from engine when accelerating (sounds like keys)

    Check your exhaust heat shields for little rocks. Had one in my tundra that drove me bonkers for three months
  19. Painting just the sides / back of a black textured hard top

    I don't think the cost would be that great even if you had a body shop prep and paint it. The hardest part is sanding the texture smooth but an orbital sander with 220 followed up with 360 did just fine. I left the texture on the top part (the white on mine) because A) the texture with the white...
  20. Just looked my truck up on the mopar site...

    Mine say 8079 lbs towing according to the website. I don't think I'll be trying that. I had around 7000 on it for a very short haul (1.5 miles) and on level road at low speed. Was a little tongue heavy as well. Would not do this at high speeds. Handles 5000 just fine.