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  1. Tow Mirrors - Rampage Adapters for JT/JL

    How do these fair over time in the heat and UV? That’s my only concern with the fdm and may be worth paying a little extra for nylon SLS adapters.
  2. 4XE hybrid for the Gladiator ? ? ?

    More weight always sucks off road. Lucky it’ll be down low and maybe not a total dealbreaker. I’m curious to see if the extra weight hurts the gas only performance on these vehicles. Otherwise I don’t see much of a downside on-road.
  3. Trailer brake controller

    I went with a similar installation. Super easy install after drilling the hole.
  4. Looking for WDH and brake controller recommendations

    I just installed a redarc control here and the little dial is the only interface you need. I waited for the molar controller, but couldn’t stomach giving up my only 12v outlet.
  5. Exterior Work finally DONE! Gladiator Rubicon build

    Holy shit. She's absolutely gorgeous! I never would have thought of this color combo, but it works beautifully. How much of a lift did you go with here? Also, did you make the vinyl graphics or is this a part of some package?
  6. Gladiator Glamour Shots

    Haha... It’s a pack of Pokémon stickers the neighbor kids put on to hide my dumb mistake.
  7. Gladiator Glamour Shots

    A friend I was with took this on Saturday. Her first “insta” style appearance:
  8. Bed liner overspray on the exterior.

    100% would let the dealer figure it out if its the factory bed liner.
  9. Bestop teaser concept: folding soft cover / shell / topper for Gladiator bed

    Just curious, would this rack preserve the collapsibility of the softopper? It’d be nice if we could collapse the topper without removing the rack for tall loads or loading bikes/ ATVs.
  10. Soft top too noisy above 110mph

    Haha a little bit, but mine has started to whistle at higher free way speeds (~85mph). Around here traffic is pretty slow so I rarely see those speeds, but I don’t remember ever hearing it before and I’d like to figure out if it’s a fitment or wear thing.
  11. Soft top too noisy above 110mph

    I love this truck, but it sure is noisy in the triple digits. I’m going to try some ideas to fix it this week, but if anybody has suggestions, I’m all ears.
  12. Jeep Gladiator Rubicon Axles For Sale

    Any idea how much it’d cost to ship out to northern California?
  13. 35k Miles Photos

    I guess my concern wouldn’t be right now, but mine looks pretty similar and I don’t plan on wheeling any less going forward. Are some easy precautions I should take now so my frame isn’t compromised at 150k miles? Sounds like a light brushing, rust oleum and a coat of fluid film are a pretty...
  14. 35k Miles Photos

    I have wondered this as well. Following...
  15. Center console subwoofers

    I remember TJs had a woofer in the center console and I’m curious why we don’t do that with the JTs? Are there any significant draw backs or is it just that people tend to value their console storage over a sub? space is pretty tight in the cab and this feels like a good location if somebody...
  16. Bestop teaser concept: folding soft cover / shell / topper for Gladiator bed

    All is forgiven. She's beautiful! Any hints towards what this nugget might be? :) Also, would it be possible to get a picture (or render) with the OEM soft top installed? Thanks Lee!
  17. Bestop teaser concept: folding soft cover / shell / topper for Gladiator bed

    I really hope not. Unfortunately the softopper doesn’t quite fit with the soft top IMO. It looks like a backpack on the truck and the fit and finish just isn’t as clean as it could be. I’m waiting for the supertop in hopes that it’ll follow the lines better and match the OEM top material. Also...
  18. Bay Area Steering TSB dealers with mods

    I can’t praise Sunnyvale Dodge enough. Melanie there will take care of business and they’ve been really good to me. When I went in for the tsb, the tech noticed my adjustable track bar jam nut was loose and tightened/ torque striped it me. Just make sure the pitman arm is properly tight and...
  19. Going to Buy Again In December 2021

    My thoughts exactly. Assuming you did overpay, there isn’t much you can do about that now. I’m in a similar boat where I wish I would have gotten heated seats and parking sensors, etc. I figure it’ll make more sense to be patient and trade in when there are more interesting goodies to add...
  20. Will the older Gladiators be able to update to Uconnect 5

    I’m hoping that as they become more popular across the lineup someone will put together a retrofit kit. We may not get all of the integrated features, but I’m going to hold out for a few months before I make a new radio decision.