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  1. New JT Gladiator Steering Issue TSB 08-074-20 (for "Improved Steering Feel")

    Local dealership should be getting my parts in today and hopefully have me in tomorrow for the update. We'll see how this goes...
  2. Adams 1310 front driveshaft

    Both Adams and JE Reel use greasable u-joints at the axle, so there is a zerk on each of them, ask me how I know this... :facepalm:
  3. Invictus Off Road Build

    Front drive shaft is easy J.E. Reel or Adams, unless you're running 40"+ tires the 1310 will be sufficient. If I remember correctly J.E. Reel supplies Adams with the raw components so there is that too.
  4. Rear Seat Delete

    I still wanted some functionality from the 60%, I came up with this. Full write up in my build thread.
  5. Thinking of Quick Discos

    I have the Teraflex set on mine with a 1.5" leveling kit. They sit slightly high but nothing that's compromised my ride comfort. They do need to be greased which I know a lot of people forego doing and normally leads to the biggest complaint that the bushings go. 2+2=4, just saying... Overall...
  6. Lemon Law

    My parents wound up using the Lemon Law here in Texas several years ago on a Grand Cherokee they had issues with. In their case it was sent to an arbitrator who then reviewed the case and ruled in favor of a full buy back by the dealer. Make sure to have everything documented as the "they told...
  7. Topless/doorless harm?

    Let me know, I'm a 45 minute drive from Dona Ana and frequently lead trail runs out there.
  8. Basic Essentials

    Toilet paper... can't say how important it is to have toilet paper just in case.
  9. Cargo Management Options

    I second the go check out the what did you do to your Gladiator thread, it's good source of things that work and don't work. Also, what kind of cargo management is she looking at? Minor thing likes JCR panels inside the cab along with the stuff that @Invictus Off Road are great solutions that...
  10. Estimated $ spent on aftermarket mods to their JT

    This is kind of a deceiving poll, I included everything going into the overland build so I know I’m in the 5-10k range already with still a few more items to knock off the list that might push me over 10k at some point. If I went with my previous crawler build I was well over 25k before I traded...
  11. Tumbleweed Offroad... Errr, Overlanding

    Update... The Z automotive Tazer Mini lite vs not-lite. Sooooo do yourself a favor and spend the extra for the full mini if you plan on doing any additional upgrades like replacing lights. The process to upgrade isn’t bad but seriously had I known then what I know now I wouldn’t have...
  12. Topless/doorless harm?

    Nice! I’m the head girls soccer coach at Coronado El Paso, I’ll be in Midland in a few hours with the boys team for their area playoff game tomorrow.
  13. Topless/doorless harm?

    Where at? A good friend of mine is in Sundown.
  14. Topless/doorless harm?

    I’m in El Paso, short answer no, long answer be prepared to clean a lot though. I’ve got a wet-dry vac at the house and it sees a lot of use...
  15. Taking Moab/Ouray trip for the first time. Would like advice and comments.

    I think I used low range once and it’s only because of how I turned into the hill. The Alpine loop is a must in that area and you’ll get to see all the sights, just make sure to pay attention to the weather reports.
  16. Taking Moab/Ouray trip for the first time. Would like advice and comments.

    Having done Imogen Pass, you’ll be fine... go have a blast! I was overdone on 37’s...
  17. Has anyone found the perfect Gladiator water bottle?

    This guy, fits perfect in a center console cup holder
  18. Cooking while overlanding.

    Swing by El Paso, I'm sure we can get you an original one for cheaper! 😁😁😁
  19. Cooking while overlanding.

    We've used discada's for years in the Southwest. Tembo and a couple of other companies have taken traditional designs from Northern Mexico (not to be confused with New Mexico) and Africa (in regards to the Tembo) and just made them more portable is all. However, I got to say the best tacos...