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  1. Get Topless!!!!!

    /me being in FL, was wondering what op was talking about. It's beginning to get hot out to where I need to put the top back on ;)
  2. Topless/doorless harm?

    Sun will certainly be a thing. It fades everything, so at very least throw some protection on the plastics and leather. Obviously you should also protect your paint. Dust will also be a thing, but it shouldn't cause issues for many years. But yes, dust gets into electronic connections, then you...
  3. Willys Grill Color Killing Me!!

    This may sound dumb to some, but it was the thing that really turned me off on the Willys Edition. Otherwise, I think the Willys is a perfect edition to get. I wish there was a way to get the grill colored the same as the truck without getting it in black. I also wish I could get the fenders to...
  4. Exterior Work finally DONE! Gladiator Rubicon build

    Not a huge fan of the black wide stripe on the tailgate or the stickers on the back, but overall it looks great. Yellow accent is a perfect choice, and I especially like the yellow tow hooks......I smell a special edition coming from Jeep? I think a nice orange, blue, or green + yellow accents...
  5. Ranting and Raving!

    I want one soooo bad. I would seriously love to have that in my truck, even if it was converted to a bluetooth handset where I could answer my cell phone on it. Soooooo sexy
  6. Ranting and Raving!

    What state do I need to be from for that statement to be true?
  7. Diesel owners; do you regret you engine choice?

    They are called 'standard' for a reason ;) I actually enjoy driving. I don't really enjoy driving an auto at all. To me it's just 2nd nature to drive a manual, so I've never really understood why people don't like them. Another thing that is nice is controlling which gear you are in, and don't...
  8. Ranting and Raving!

    If you think they are charging too much, maybe create a business doing it and show them you can make money and charge a lower price?
  9. Diesel owners; do you regret you engine choice?

    If there was a manual option, I would have went with the diesel. I had an old Jetta TDI manual that I really enjoyed. Manuals + diesels just go so well together
  10. Getting that sweet 7-8% below invoice

    I got 10%+ off, had it built. It really is about the dealership. I went to to multiple dealerships and not all were willing to work. Good luck
  11. The last Gladiator Tailgate Badge You Will Ever Need!

    I think this looks great. With this said, now way am I attempting it ;) Will keep an eye out for ones in the wild. I'd love to see a Mo'Jave one in the wild one day.
  12. Towing 6500lbs with the Overland

    I kind of expected the rear to be squashed a bit lower. Nice truck and haul
  13. Adaptive Cruise Control: yay or nay?

    Personally I rarely use cruise on a mountain road if there is vehicles in front of me. I actually love driving in the mountains, and maybe because I only get a couple weeks a year up there, I just don't use cruise on the back roads - interstate yes. I drive a manual, so don't get distracted ;)...
  14. Adaptive Cruise Control: yay or nay?

    I've never understood the need for it. If the vehicle ahead of me slows down, I want to get around and pass, not brake and stay at the same distance away. I actually hate that I probably indirectly pay for this tech as part of the 'research' budget....
  15. Am I the only dummy....

    I have a manual, it just beeps or something at me if I start moving with the doors open. Agree on having to shut the doors. Another thing, if your window is down slightly, it kind of rattles, almost scares me that it's going to break.
  16. Ordering this week (manual Willys in Sarge Green), please give me your thoughts.

    The build link for me shows the 7" screen, which is what I would go with (and what I did). LED is a good option for sure. Do you really need the engine block heater for NC? I've been in Asheville a few times now in the winter and it does get cold, but block heater? Also, I have a manual, but...
  17. Autotrader WTF Sightings

    I would like to know how much money the original owner put into it, and you have to think he (assuming) only got like 20k for the trade in. But, as others have mentioned, it is a manual, and I like the color. I kind of doubt the original owner did much off roading, probably just drove to car...
  18. Florida Roll Call!

    I'll be there, but I'm stock and will keep to the 'safe' trails ;) I also don't want to get a pile of scratches.
  19. Where do you reside? Wondering which state is best represented on this forum?

    You know there is a reason for the increase in population, right? Because it's a great place to be! Well, at least better than Tampa and Orlando, who are a major reason for the increase, and it only seems to be getting worse. I actually don't like how Lakeland is getting to be like 3 sections...