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  1. Different Tire for Spare

    The cheaper tire of similar size is the way to go. Never know where you'll be and how far you may have to travel to even get back on the pavement. Not sure I'd want to do that on s donut equivalent.
  2. New Mojave

    Nice ride!!! You won't be sorry!!
  3. Exterior Work finally DONE! Gladiator Rubicon build

    That is one nice rig! If I had only heard the description I wouldn't have thought much of it. The pics show how great it really looks. I would have never thought of the adding the yellow. Awesome job!
  4. Anyone else getting a squealing every time you drive?

    I had something similar. There was a whine coming from the passenger's side when I first picked mine up. It took me a few days to figure it out and cure the issue. Now I just leave the wife at home and enjoy the peace and quiet!
  5. How many Jeep branded rides have you owned?

    3 Jeeps. 9 Dodge/Ram trucks
  6. Is FedEx full of it?

    I will not ship anything with FedEx. We were recently traveling and knew we would not be home to receive an important package. We had the sender send the package so it required a signature as we believed that would solve the problem. FedEx left it on our porch without obtaining the signature...
  7. Scrambler Tribute Gladiator Build ...need help with roll bar

    I have to say yours is one of the best looking Jeeps I've ever seen. Absolutely love the look. Good luck with the roll bar!
  8. Retro inspired JL build - YJL by Quadratec

    How about this retro YJ build?
  9. Dome Light Adjustment Question

    Haven't noticed this myself. We used to take the lenses off of our work vehicles and color them with a red marker. It worked well to dim the light and maintain your night vision.
  10. Well This Happened Tonight

    Most likely will be up to the insurance companies. I'm sure that neither one wants to have their insured as the responsible driver. That being said if the other party's insurer accepts the liability you can file with them. If your insurer pays for your damage there's not much more you can do.
  11. Well This Happened Tonight

    What is meant by diminished value is that your JT is now worth much less as the accident damage will show on a carfax. My son-in-law had a Focus ST when they were first released and he was hit by someone who failed to stop at a red light. He claimed diminished value with their insurance...
  12. My little big diesel

    That is one sweet ride!!! Enjoy it!!
  13. Lets see all those Gladiators with lifts and bigger tires!

    Finally got a Mopar 2 inch installed. Anthem Viper 17x8.5’s and Mickey Thompson 35x12.5’s
  14. Pennsylvania Rubicon takeoff suspension

    Takeoff suspension from a Rubicon. Taken off at about 3700 miles. No off road use. Asking $300.00
  15. New member !

    Welcome!!! Glad to have you you with us.
  16. Haven't given up hope. Stuck on trim level

    6 speed. I have no regrets getting it over the auto.