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  1. Backing up with trailer brake lock

    3rd vote on the door being open. I have not experienced that with any other safety feature and I have all the safety group stuff including adaptive cruise. If I remember door ajar will lock the brakes without even beeping, opposed to safety group issues that beep first.
  2. Thoughts, Cat-back exhaust = better mpg?

    Take your entire cold end off and run around with just your Y-pipe. Yes it will be loud, but do your best to drive the same and see if you get your MPG to increase......... I can't post results unfortunately. As much as the Stellantis fights for MPG, they are not going to leave an easy gain on...
  3. Thoughts, Cat-back exhaust = better mpg?

    Exhaust alone (without a tune) will not improve anything but sound. These systems flow extremely well and are designed to optimize efficiency. If you get a tune it might get you some increase mpg but exhaust alone will not. I have done the flow testing and it is very optimized.
  4. What options on Overland wheels 18x7.5"

    You are pretty screwed for 34" tires unless you want Load E (too harsh for me). This site will give you a list of tires once you choose a size.
  5. How does this deal look?

    Seems like a really good deal.
  6. Just got a new Jeep Gladiator Willys 4x4 also a camper that weighs in at 3154 lbs should there be any problem pulling it wherever I want to go?

    You should be all set with it for the most part. You can leave it in drive and go where you want with no need to go into "manual" mode. The trans will adjust shift points for you and adapt. If that is annoying to you than "manual mode" is fine also. -Single axle trailer might sway a bit so...
  7. Does the spare tire have a TPMS??

    It does not. Im not sure what would happen if you do add one. It may screw things up as there are only 3 sensor pickups and they use process of elimination to determine the 4th tire's pressure.
  8. Whats with the package add ons ?

    My dealer price sheet looked almost exactly like the jeep website for build pricing (with out website savings). Building off the lower models is usually more expensive that taking a higher model as it is with the extra add ons.
  9. Air Suspension and on-board Air

    It sound like you want to run something like a rubber bellows? There is a lot if design that goes into a true air suspension (no coil springs). The ride quality also varies dramatically on ride height. You should...
  10. Willys Grill Color Killing Me!!

    Is that a different texture than the grill itself? So grill is Matte Black, rim section you are pointing out is gloss black, and throw that next to the high texture fender........ A vinyl wrap matte black might help.
  11. Jeep screwed us

    I really would have preferred a manual trans but at this point you have to follow where the manufactures put their money and testing. Right now that is in the auto trans.
  12. Test drove on Mud Tires - how different would AT be?

    Ride quality is significant when it comes to tire design. The larger the tread block, the more "slapping" and tire noise, and the rougher the ride. Look at a highway tire by comparison. The blocks are small and not nearly as thick allowing it to flex and absorb the bumps. The Wildpeak AT are...
  13. New Diesel Woes

    I know it seems like a lot is going wrong but it is likely only 1 bad component. Main battery likely as it kills everything or a short that is drawing it down. Let the dealer sort it out or you do a good visual from the under side to look for a pinched wire in a fastener. It would also be a...
  14. Best price on spare rims?

    I got a set of 4 black steelies . If you guys want to split the set of 4, I would do $50 each + shipping (from Michigan) so $200 for 4 wheels. Only downside (if it is one) I painted them (black) to add another layer of protection. Factory paint was really thin.
  15. Florida friendly tire recommendations

    Consider Toyo Open Country ATIII 285/75R17. Gets you to a Load C for a decent ride, E will be too stiff.
  16. My current situation. Advice wanted

    A few points to go by. 1. Dont trade to a dealer. You can usually get more if you sell your self. 2. Dont buy from a dealer. You can generally find a better deal from an individual. C. You will never improve your financial situation doing a lease so wipe that off the plate. 4. Find a...
  17. EcoDiesel engine temp when towing

    With a 6x12 (8ft outside height) enclosed trailer with 2000 lbs weight I saw the following Coolant temp 203 Oil Temp 222 Trans Temp 197
  18. Giving Birth To A Pentastar V6

    Very cool. I wish they would have shown washing out the sand from the inside of the casting (thats right they dont).
  19. 1/4” wheel spacer on Mojave.

    Only downside to 1/4" spacers is you probably wont find any that are hub centric (center ring"
  20. Am I wrong? Lift vs Fenders...

    Solid plan on multiple levels. Ground clearance and tire sizes, yet you save on MPG because you are not as tall as other options.