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  1. Am I crazy?

    I say, CRAZY if you don't!! If, of course, it's financially achievable. It's a beautiful truck.
  2. Any max tow owners regret not getting a rubicon?

    Yeah, that Mojave hood is nice but its a lot more pieces that have to be replaced in order to put it on the Sport. Rubi hood is direct bolt on.
  3. Any max tow owners regret not getting a rubicon?

    The only thing I really want from the Rubicon is merely cosmetic... the hood!! I can't help myself with being obsessed with that hood.
  4. Entire Gladiator Line-X Sprayed

    That is absolutely awesome!! Love It!! Congrats on a great looking rig!!
  5. Phone Solutions

    Bulletproof phone mount driver-side, and bulletproof tablet holder passenger side, nice and sturdy!!
  6. In a pickle! What do I do?? Need some advice...

    I've owned 5 Ram 1500 trucks to include a Rebel and i currently own a 2020 Gladiator Sport S max tow, my wife has the 2018 Ram 1500 Long Horn. Both have their pros and cons, but honestly you can't go wrong either way. I love my Gladiator, by far my favorite vehicle ever! I have just over 4400...
  7. Get a duck yet?

    My wife drove my Gladiator and got our first duck, but thought something fishy was going on and threw it away!!! I was so disappointed... I guess I should've explained to her beforehand...
  8. Why did you buy your Gladiator?

    I wanted this since Jeep released the concept! I finally got the chance to get one and I couldn’t be happier. I’ve had a lot of vehicles in my time, including 3 wranglers but, this is by far my favorite.