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  1. Trim Advice for First Time Jeep Owner

    If you aren’t intending to hit off-road parks, you’ll likely be fine with a Sport S and a better set of tires. Takeoffs are cheap and plentiful, and if you get them from a Wrangler you’ll have a matching spare! These are quite capable, especially with just a tire upgrade. However, if a Rubicon...
  2. How many miles do you change your oil?

    Never trusted it on my last car, still not a fan now. Too many sensors can fail as is, and I don’t want my response to a blown engine to be “well, come to think of it I can’t recall my last oil change...but the gauge says it’s good!” Plus I just never pay much attention to it in general anyway...
  3. How many miles do you change your oil?

    Every 5k. Might be overkill, but just easier to remember changes when it’s every 5k.
  4. So, what is everybody towing?

    I still can’t believe your JT pushes that thing. 🤔
  5. Immature Bronco “Adults” @ Moab

    Same size as a Wrangler basically.
  6. Gladiator VS ZR2

    Not to get off topic, but Chevy has to be kicking themselves. Jeep brings back a Wrangler truck, Ford brings back the Bronco (closer to its roots as an off-road marketed vehicle) and there’s Chevy with its Blazer and TrailBlazer 🤦🏻‍♂️ Oof. Sorry, carry on.
  7. Nacho Orange Gladiator Question

    I’m actually curious if Nacho was even up on Jeep’s site (the “Build Your Own”) before it was closed to order. 🤔 It was a very short run.
  8. Greetings

    Welcome 🍻
  9. Get Topless!!!!!

    With a weight lift restriction until the end of July, I’m probably only going to get to enjoy it vicariously through you folks until then. aw memories... (Not that it’s been warm enough here for long enough to take part anyways)
  10. looking to join the jeep fam

    Electronic sway bars are convenient, lockers will get you out of a bind (you can disconnect manually, quick disconnects are recommended if you skip a Rubi). I haven’t wheeled my JT like I’d like to have, but my previous Jeeps were both base models with small lift and 33” tires. If you’re...
  11. Re-engineering the brick (keyfob)

    Soooo much smaller. Really like this 👌nice job on it folks. And that chip was a royal PITA.
  12. Cargo Management Options

    It’s not pretty or cool by any means, but if she’s just looking for better use of the bed for day-to-day stuff I keep 2 of those long, shallow plastic bins designed to fit underneath your bed (like bedroom, not truck bed) in the back of mine. Makes loading so much easier when you just slide...
  13. Best seat covers for the Gladiator?

    Thanks for the heads up
  14. Best seat covers for the Gladiator?

    @DeezJT What made the rear so much more difficult? And where is the fitment on the back lacking? They were a PITA installing the JKU just because they were so snug, I’m a little bummed hearing the quality might not be there anymore. Also planning on doing Kryptek and black, but reverse from...
  15. Any Full-Size Converts?

    Only technically. Traded in my ‘15 JKU for this F150. I was in the middle of renovating my house and was tired of borrowing trucks and trailers. Rumors were getting pretty thick about Jeep making a truck and the JL hadn’t been officially unveiled. Decided to gamble on hoping the new JL would be...
  16. Estimated $ spent on aftermarket mods to their JT

    $700 on Willy’s takeoff wheels and tires, $600 rustproofing, $200 tonneau cover, maybe $100 misc. Slow build....
  17. Why not buy a full size truck for the same price?

    I had a loaded up F150 FX4. Beautiful truck - heated and cooled leather seats, big info-tainment screen and about every other option on it, cruised on the highway very nicely, and towed my pop-up like it wasn't there at all. And I hated driving it. It was more truck than I needed, for one...
  18. Willys Grill Color Killing Me!!

    The sad thing is they already have a black grill, or the Sahara/Rubicon/Mojave grill that they could have used to keep a nice look. Nah, just paint a bunch of the cheaper one piece grills black and slap ‘em on 🤦🏻‍♂️
  19. What color is next in 2021

    Wait, what did they do to the dash?
  20. What color is next in 2021

    I was so close to liking Ocean Blue...but just had that bit of purple to it. Wife said I was crazy, there was no purple. 🤷‍♂️ I like the Earl Grey, but agree that there's too many greys. I wouldn't mind seeing Amp'd, Copperhead, or Copper Brown on a Gladiator. 2015 seemed to have my favorite...