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  1. Rock Hard 4x4 Sliders

    Sure - any particular angle you want to see? At some point in the next few days I'm going to crawl around under the truck and take a closer look at all the dings from the latest trail session, so I can take pictures of the sliders then.
  2. Rock Hard 4x4 Sliders

    For the folks who are concerned about the angled-down being a problem on the trail, here is a quick video I took of my sliders and the undercarriage of my truck after doing the Jeep Adventure Academy a couple of weeks ago. You can see the slider has some scrapes, but the skid plates and other...
  3. LED Aux Light Integrated Front Skid Plate Concept

    I think this is a good idea, but how hard would it be to replace parts if it gets bashed on a rock? For instance, if a light is broken, is it simple to replace the night? And if the whole thing gets bent a little bit during rock crawling, can you replace just the metal frame? I'd want to be able...
  4. Jeep Adventure Academy--Llano Photos

    I was there on Saturday and it was an awesome time! I have a lot of video of the first couple of JTs in one group (the red one with a rack-top tent and the lifted Gator/Gobi [I can never remember which is which]) in the group that started on the Jeep hill side of the trail in the morning. I was...
  5. Replaced my AMG GT with this...

    I went from a Nissan GT-R to the Gladiator (with a one-year break where I primarily drove a beat-up old Land Cruiser overseas) and it was a night-and-day difference. I didn't have any issues with the GT-R like it seems you had with your Merc, but the Gladiator is so much more useful, and I can...
  6. Anyone attend Jeep Adventure Academy before?

    I'll be there Saturday too! Looking forward to it.
  7. License plate frame suggestions?

    I bought a plain black silicone frame from Amazon. There's no need to advertise anything on my truck that someone can use for social engineering, or that is going to piss off some cop or crazy person who doesn't like whatever I'm advertising. I want to blend in and not be noticed regardless of...
  8. Anyone attend Jeep Adventure Academy before?

    Ok, thanks for the info! Where in Phoenix did they do it? I just moved here from Tempe, but i only had my Gladiator for a couple of weeks before I moved so I only had time to head up to Sedona and do Schnebly and some other trails up there.
  9. Anyone attend Jeep Adventure Academy before?

    Do they use any kind of radio communications during the event? I have a GMRS radio that I need to install sooner or later, and I'm signed up for the 10th in Texas. If they use GMRS, I guess I'd better get my radio installed sooner...
  10. Does a rolling hard tonneau cover exist?

    I have a Rugged Ridge Armis that rolls and provides more security than a soft pleather cover. It was easy to install and has proven to be waterproof in the times I've checked it - I don't check it every time I drive through rain, but whenever I've had stuff back there it's stayed dry.
  11. Texas Check In

    Ahh - I never went into the Texas subforum, just this thread because I'm following it. So I guess I need to check that subforum more often.
  12. Rubi Rhod - A 2020 Gladiator with flair for the overland-dramatic

    I also like how you mounted your Midland. I got one for Christmas and I haven't gotten around to mounting it yet. Does the antenna work well enough off the hood like that? And how is the remote box secured under the steering column - is it screwed to something or just sorta zip-tied in there...
  13. Rubi Rhod - A 2020 Gladiator with flair for the overland-dramatic

    Thanks for the front-side comparison of the stock bumper with the Venator. That's the bumper I'm looking at getting and I'm already pretty tight in my garage as it is, with just six or seven inches to spare. It looks like the Venator only adds a few inches to the length so that should work...
  14. Texas Check In

    I didn't even know such a thing existed until I saw this post. I just moved to Texas this past summer at the same time as I got my JT, so I'm not read in on the events and stuff. Can't make it this year but I'll plan on being there next year!
  15. The last Gladiator Tailgate Badge You Will Ever Need!

    This is exactly what I want my tailgate to look like!
  16. Auxiliary LED Reverse Lights (Integrated Rear Bumper)

    Is there any benefit to doing it one way or the other?
  17. Introducing Jeep Adventure Academy! School to Provide Essential Off-Roading Instruction to Jeep 4x4 Owners and Enthusiasts

    Thanks for the heads up that they opened dates for this year. I signed up for Saturday 10APR in Texas!
  18. Auxiliary LED Reverse Lights (Integrated Rear Bumper)

    Your link for the wire doesn't work. Also, what kind of diode do we need to connect the lights to both the AUX and backup?
  19. Craig Benner 6% Under Invoice at Koons Jeep

    I bought my JT from a different dealer closer to home, but when I was searching for a good deal (while I was in Afghanistan, no less) Craig was very helpful and upfront with pricing. If it weren't for the fact that I got a comparable price from a local dealer I wouldn't hesitate to deal with...
  20. Auxiliary LED Reverse Lights (Integrated Rear Bumper)

    I just ordered a set! I got them without the PNP harness because I'd like to hook them up to my switches and the reverse lights both and I'm assuming the PNP harness makes that more difficult. How hard will it be to figure out for someone not electrically inclined? Also, how much wire is there...