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  1. Differential/Axle Fluid

    I had inquired about the rear diff gear oil with Jeep and received this response: ------------------------------ Thank you for contacting Jeep. VIN: xxxx Our records indicate this vehicle was equipped from the factory with the following: AJQ Max Tow Package W/4.10 Axle Ratio DJF Dana M210 Wide...
  2. Which hard tri fold bedcover?

    Another vote for the undercover ultra flex here
  3. Quadratec Discount?

    There's no "code", they apply the discount to your quadratec account. I went through the process of doing that and never actually got a discount on anything. They also screwed me over on a Warn Zeon and now I avoid them at all cost.
  4. Leaking axle seal?

    There's nothing wrong with the lugs, I wouldn't pursue that any further because you're going to end up getting labeled as a difficult customer.
  5. undercoating

    I went with a wax-based undercoating (woolwax). It's messy as hell, but I think it's the best long-term approach
  6. Leaking axle seal?

    Probably just getting redundant at this point, but my dealer also ordered the axle assembly that includes a shaft, bearing, and seal pre-assembled. Seems like that will be the standard procedure for this issue.
  7. How to get 20mpg+ on 37’s/ECU basics 5/5 up @ 60-70mph with V6 3.6L

    For the sake of strengthening your argument, have you considered recording your LTFT and throttle angle at a repeatable cruising speed both with and without the larger intake? It would be an easy visual to prove your point.
  8. Leaking axle seal?

    My truck is the one that was built on 2/10 and has been leaking since I drove it home from the dealer. I undercoated it the weekend after I bought it and spotted the leak when I put it up on the lift. I'm currently waiting on parts, and per the service manager they are ordering an axle assembly...
  9. Bring Out Your Dead...

    Price has gone up a bit since I bought it, but I am very happy with this version I consider the dead pedal a must-have for long trips and it was the first thing I bought for my new truck
  10. ARB vs VIAIR

    My viair compressors worked great and I have no complaints, but I ended up ordering the ARB twin based mostly on form factor. However, they seem to be universally backordered with no eta from ARB
  11. Leaking axle seal?

    Had the wife take mine in today for the axle leak and the service manager tried telling me there were no leaks. I told him exactly where it was leaking and that I have photos of it. He begrudgingly said he would have the tech look again and didn't call me back, but the wife said they ordered...
  12. First oil change question

    I sold a 2001 disco and replaced it with the gladiator. Working on the Rover every weekend got old after a while, and I didn't really trust it on long trips with the family. The gladiator doesn't have anywhere near the style points, but is such a better vehicle in every other way.
  13. Rear gear fluid leak less than 3500 miles.

    Mine has been leaking as well since the day I brought it home
  14. New 2020 Mojave - Worn White Leather - Get a deal?

    I went through the same garbage with a local salesman before ordering exactly what I wanted from Gupton. Even if the local guy had offered to match him, I still would have ordered from Daniel based on principle because he didn't play any of those bullshit games.
  15. AEV 2.5 Dual sport RT with stock wheels?

    Appreciate the input. I wasn't sure on the offset of the Rubicon so that sounds promising.
  16. AEV 2.5 Dual sport RT with stock wheels?

    Has anyone installed this kit with their factory wheels? According to AEV's website, this kit will not fit a sport with stock wheels because the passenger rear endlink will contact the wheel at full rebound. However, it says that it will work with rubicon wheels on wide track axles. Basically...
  17. Leaking axle seal?

    Same passenger side rear axle leak on mine with less than 500 miles on it. I'll be pretty bummed if it requires a new axle straight from the factory.
  18. ARB Twin Setups.. I need ideas!!

    How sturdy does the 813 mount feel? I just ordered the ARB twin and am trying to decide if I want to buy their mount or make my own
  19. Smittybilt vs. Warn winch

    I had great luck with a smittybilt x20 on my last vehicle, and went with a smittybilt xrc gen3 for the gladiator after returning a Zeon 10-s (no fault of warn, return was due to quadratec being stupid)